No sound on video calls

I have had my Fairphone 3+ for a couple of months now and it was working fine at the start. However, recently I have been having issues with the sound when I try to video call people. When I have tried to video call (either using Facebook or WhatsApp) nobody can hear me. I can hear other people but they can’t hear me (and I’m definitely not on mute!) This has happened with multiple people and doesn’t seem to matter whether I call them or they call me. Anybody else had this/ any ideas why it might be? Thanks in advance.

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Does it work again after a restart? Which software is running?
There are several threads with people reporting similar problems, for example:

Does it happen on a network or wifi phone call when using hands free, as that also uses the microphones in the same manner.

If it does then the question I have is ~ have you recently installed any apps that use the microphone since it was working, Signal, Telegram, a music app. etc.

Please check which apps are allowed to use the microphone and disable them all then restart the phone. Then re-enable them one by one and test the mics. This can take some time as it could be a miox of apps that will not release control over the mics.

Also make sure the mics are working first:

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