"Tinny/canny" sound for recipient FP3


All recipients I have been talking to with my FP3 experiences bad, sort of a “tinny” or “canny”, not very clear sound when I talk with them. When I talk through the speaker phone the sound is much better.

Have anyone else experienced the same thing with their FP3?


Yes, I’ve got a very similar problem. The caller says it sounds like I’m far away, but when I switch to speaker it sounds ok. I’ve contacted Fairphone, but still haven’t heard anything. Have you found a solution?

I saw you found the Fairphone 3 microphone issues-thread where I posted a few answers.

I got a second FP3 with the same problem, as far as I could tell anyway. I have sent that one back as well and I intend to get a new one through my company. Though I do feel a bit concerned that the third one won’t be without any problems…