When picking up an incoming call, the caller can not hear me

For 2-3 weeks, this problem sometimes occurs, but not every time . I tested the microphone, but test was ok. Any ideas?

Have you also tried any type of headset (wireless or wired)?

Yes, I tried with wired headset, but it didn’t work.

So there was the same problem or did it not work at all?

Same. I could hear the caller but was not heard.

If the microphone test was positive, then this is hard to explain.

Speculation: Your screen does not turn dark when you accept the call, so your cheek touches some button on the screen unintentionally?

but then it would not happen with headset as well…

Yes. The caller would hear you from the headset microphone before?

It seems like there is a loose contact somewhere. I just don’t know where…

3 weeks ago, the phone worked just fine, with or without headset.

And this does not happen on outgoing calls?

Yes, it also happens when I try to call someone.

Well, then it’s probably about the bottom module that includes the primary microphone (the 1 mm hole right next to the USB port). The bottom module has been the most failure-prone module in the FP2, so your microphone might not be firmly soldered inside the module anymore.

You can still unscrew the bottom module from the core module and screw it firmly back into place and see if it helps, but probably it will take a new bottom module. If there is a Fairphone Angel nearby (or a friend or someone with another FP2), you can also swap the bottom modules for testing before you decide whether you need a new bottom module.


Thanks, that’s a good advice! I’ll try it.

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Hi there,
I thought I had the same problem (Looking for bottom module (FP2)), contacted a Fairphone Angel in my region, and ordered a bottom module as I didn’t get a reply.
The problem still exists, though - the microphone sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, so it is unreliable.
Any more ideas?
Thank you so much!

I have the same problem with my now 1 year old Fairphone 2. The incoming caller can only hear me when I put on the speakerphone, without a headset. Sometimes the incoming caller can hear me, it is unpredictable…

I do not have a screwdriver so first I have to get that before I can do anything with the module. Any Angel in the area of Amsterdam willing and able to help me?
Not too happy about it at all!

You can reach Angels in Amsterdam by sending an email to amsterdam@fairphone.community

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Update: I called the office of Fairphone today and a very helpful person helped me with a new module, which I hope to receive soon. Hopefully it will resolve the issue. She said it was a known issue for the FP2.

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