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is a repository (app store) for free libre and open source apps.
I’d like to gather the most important (and later on some more fancy) apps here and provide additional information like do they work on the FP1 or FP2.


:one: works on FP1, :no_mobile_phones: doesn’t work, :bug: buggy :grey_question: not tested yet
:zap: recommended by Prism-Break :cloud: not recommended ( :zap: ) app itself not mentioned but service recommended
:warning: has anti-features
:lock: only available with Guardian Project Repository
:hash: reqires root ( :hash: ) can use root for additional features






  • Owncloud (Cloud Storage) :one: :zap:
  • RedReader Beta (News) :one:
  • Episodes (TV Show Tracker) :one:
  • DroidShows :grey_question:
  • DroidSeries :grey_question:
  • APKtrack (App-Updates Checker) :one:
    Checks for Updates for your apps with the option to install from different sources including evozi. Great for if F-Droid is your only App Store but you have selected apps from other sources. Does not contain information about all Apps from Google App Store.
  • iFixit (Gadget Repair Guide) :one: :warning:
    Newer Versions available than preinstalled by FP-OS updates.


Science & Education:






Developer Apps

Location- & Language-specific Apps











F-Droid Repository
Droid Break
FSFE/Free your Android
Fairphone Freunde/Freies Android


F-Droid is a “an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.”

It does not support reviews (yet), which is why I am creating this thread for people to find great F-Droid apps for their FP1.

How to contribute:

  • Check if the app you like is already listed here! If so, just upvote it.
  • If it is not here yet, add it as an answer, and describe it, or copy-paste the app description. Make sure there is a link to the catalogue.

Hopefully we end up with people’s favourite apps by sorting the answers by votes.



File Manager


  • Basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easily accessible
  • Work on multiple tabs at same time
  • Multiple themes with cool icons
  • Navigation drawer for quick navigation
  • App Manager to open, backup, or directly uninstall any app
  • Quickly access history, access bookmarks or search for any file
  • Root explorer for advanced users

License: GPLv3


Track you activities

GPS-tracking application for tracking sportive activities, with emphasis on cycling. It uses osmdroid to display map tiles from the OpenStreetMap project.

A bit like Strava, but bare bones and personal!

License: GPLv3+

OpenStreetMap editor

  • Create and edit new Nodes and Ways
  • Append Nodes to existing Ways
  • Delete Nodes
  • Create, edit and delete Tags
  • Download and Upload to OSM-Server
  • Highlight unnamed highways, and ways/nodes with TODOs or FIXMEs
  • Add, comment and close OpenStreetBugs
  • Use a variety of background tile layers as reference
  • Show the users GPS-Track with accuracy
  • Display the raw data

What is Vespucci NOT?

  • a map-view or even a routing-application
  • a professional-editing tool like JOSM or MerkaatorInstructions are on the wiki.

License: Apache2

Low traffic social networking client

A low traffic social networking client with tree-like threaded conversations.

It supports multiple protocols, including GNU social/StatusNet (e.g. Quitter, LoadAverage, Vinilox etc.), Twitter and Pump.io. It combines your accounts from all networks into one timeline and allows you reading and posting even while you are offline.

Differentiating features of AndStatus:

  • Many accounts in different social networking systems. You may have several accounts in each, write/reply as any “You” and share between accounts and systems.
  • You don’t need to be online even to post your updates: not sent posts are kept (in the “retry queue”) even after reboot.
  • Convenient tree-like “conversation view”.
  • “Global search” allows searching public messages in all registered systems with one query.
  • Tweets/messages/user avatars are being synced in a background, when your device has a good connection.
  • Cached data may be stored for years or for several days only – it’s your choice.
  • Easily backup and restore accounts and data between your devices.

License: Apache2

Easy xkcd
View xkcd comics

A fast and beautiful way to view your favorite xkcd comics.

Comic Browser:

  • Offline Mode
  • Notifications
  • Long press to view alt text
  • Search for title, transcript or number
  • Share comic url or image
  • Add comic to favorites
  • Favorites are saved for offline use
  • Open links from xkcd.com and m.xkcd.com
  • Support for large images (e.g comic 657)
  • Explain xkcd integration
  • Option to display alt text by default

What If?:

  • Full support for footnotes, formulas and alt text
  • Offline mode and notifications
  • Mark articles as read and hide them
  • Swipe between articles (disabled by default)
  • Night mode
  • Quick search for article titles
  • Random articles


  • Themes (blue, green, black…)
  • Material design elements like Snackbars, Floating Action Button, tinted Status Bar, animations…
  • Lock orientation

License: Apache2


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SicMu Player

Every songs of the phone are put in a unique big song list.
Songs are sorted and grouped by folders, artists, albums and album’s track.
Works on old slow small devices (from Android froyo 2.2).

Detailed features

  • sorted by artists, albums and track number
  • or sorted by folder tree, useful for big music list
  • or sorted by folders, artists, albums and track number, flattening folder hierarchy
  • groups can be folded / unfolded
  • shake the phone to go to next song
  • show current playing song in the list
  • notification when playing
  • seek bar
  • disable / enable lockscreen
  • configurable font size
  • on app startup, scroll to last song played
  • play mp3, ogg, flac, midi, wav, mp4, 3gp… see android mediaplayer supported media formats (depends on android version).
  • bluetooth support (play through bluetooth device)
  • media buttons support (next, prev, play/pause) from external device (bluetooth headphones…)
  • light and fast: starts in 0.5s and uses 10Mo of RAM with 5Go of music (1000 files, 100 folders) on a 700MHz ARM processor.
  • support Simple Last.fm Scrobbler or Scrobble Droid (disabled by default in settings)

Source : https://github.com/souch/SMP/blob/HEAD/README.md


I have the FP2 and for me, Lightning works fine. I don’t really understand why is it tagged as “:cloud: not recommended” as source code is open, requirements are really soft, etc.

Also, I installed QKSMS and I have some trouble with it. Does anyone installed it?
The first problem (now solved but in case anyone got the same problem…): “long” sms (more than 160 characters) were sent in a cuted way: for example, a sms with 200 characters was received as 2 sms, one of 160 and the other with 40, even with the option “Divide sms” deactivated. The solution for me was to set it on, kill the app, sett it off and kill the app again. I suspect a small glitch in applying correctly the settings.

The second problem I still have is the “autodata” feature. When someone send me a MMS, the app is supposed to automatically turn on data, retrieve the MMS and turn of data (very useful for me, I have limited data per month). This is definitely not working. In the setting I can modify APN, and I am sure it has the correct information (same as APN in the phone settings and those are working). I search a lot on internet but I found nothing, I start to think it may be a problem with FP.

Does anyone has the same issue?

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I think this also relates to Prism Break:


Ok I finally got it!
I think it is: “the app itself is not mentioned but service is recommended”

Nop, you’re right, it is just not recommended but not "not recommended"
Thank you :slight_smile:

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F-droid has a wiki and in every app-download-page you can read:

For full details and additional technical information, see this application’s page on the F-Droid wiki.

I f you go o those pages, you get nothing. The pages are created by a build-robot and every manual changes will be reverted by this robot.

I made a point in their forum about this useless noncense: a wiki should be editable by users to put knowledge for other users into the wiki.

Perhaps you can go to their forum and second or approve that wish for us all …



I have been using K9 now for some time, but was hoping to find a mail client with less bells and whistles and cleaner interface.

So far i couldn’t find any.

Anybody has tips for mail clients on fdroid?

My tip: don’t use anything less then K9mail. Many user first used Email from Stock-ROM with the cleaner interface and later asked for a better mail-app.


Calendar colors works.
(I sync my calendars between a Mac and my FP using SyncMate and was annoyed that the colors weren’t the same on both - this app allows me to set the colors I wish for each calendar.)


I’m considering finally installing FDroid.apk on my FP1U, having used the F-Droid website for several months to manually download a few selected .apks, transfer them to and then install them on my FP1U. I understand installing the F-Droid “store” will enable me to wirelessly update my apps from F-Droid. Now I have a few questions:

  1. Once I have installed FDroid.apk on my FP1U, do I need to create an account to make it work?
  2. Will FDroid.apk automatically “recognize” the apps I previously downloaded and installed manually from F-Droid?
  3. Can I set how often the F-Droid app checks for app updates and can I control if F-Droid uses WLAN or my mobile data for that?

Thanks for your attention. :innocent:

  1. No account needed
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

Nice overview of interesting apps here. Is there a reason (apart from the timing) why Orfox is not mentioned among the browsers? According to the developers, Orweb is now obsolete with the release of the Orfox 1.2 browser.

The only advantage of Orweb that I see is its reduced size of 2MB compared to the 25-30MB of Orfox. Orfox is only available with Guardian Project Repository :lock: works on FP2 :two:

I haven’t maintained the list in a long time, but it’s a wiki, so you can edit it.