Android 6 default messaging app

In What is new with Android 6.0 Marshmallow? it says

Google Messenger app is now the default app for SMS text messaging

Anyone else who doesn’t like that? What APP are you suggesting instead for SMS?

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I wonder which will be on the Fairphone Open. Still trying to unGuhgel my phone.

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You could use QKSMS from F-Droid. It has Material design and many customization options.


I’m using Signal for SMS.


Careful with Signal

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Obviously Fairphone Open won’t have any Google shit because that’s not open source (i.e. proprietary).

Fairphone Open will bring the AOSP Messages app, as always. But if anyone using Fairphone OS want to keep their SMS private, (far away from Google, at least, considering SMSs are not encrypted over the network), I suggest using the QKSMS app quoted above or Silence, both from F-Droid, thus open source.

We have a great long wiki post about alternative apps: ✏ F-Droid Apps for Fairphone Please consider adding good alternatives there, so that we have them all in one place. Thank you!


Good post. If anyone else gets a headache from the colors used on that side, Firefox has a built in Reader View in the URL bar :wink:

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Please don’t spread clickbait blog posts which are contentwise simply wrong and see what the devs of Signal have to say about this accusation!

The devs also posted the code (which is open source). Everybody who understands that code can verify that these accusations are simply wrong (here: Server and client code and Registration flow and the receive message flow )

And some more infos about the The Difficulty Of Private Contact Discovery


Reading most of the comments I would agree that Signal is meant for the use case of replacing SMS with a saver way to communicate with known contacts. As also mentioned in one of the comments, if you rather have an app where you manually build up your contact list check out Threema.


That sharing of the number with contacts who don’t have your number sounded unplausible to me. How should Signal know (at the other side) to which contact the number belongs when it is nowhere in the contacts there?

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Let’s continue this here: