Stock Music app crashes

I would have answered on Standard Music app does not open but it was closed.

The stock Music app crashes every time I try to open it: Via the apps drawer, the music player widget, or from the file manager on a music file.

There is one exception though: I can still start the music app by pluggin in a headset and pressing its button. That’s the only way left.

Clearing the app’s data did not help.

Any suggestions?

Thx, Arnd

You can try to also clear the “Media Storage” application. But you will loose your playlists and stuff = DATA! So make sure you have some kind of backup just in case. What happened before the Music application stop working?

Update: I have no clue what Media Storage actually does. Maybe updating to the unofficial 4.4.4 could also help?

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Thanks, I did that, now it works at a pinch. “Music” still crashes when started directly, but I can start it via “play” from the music widget. That’ll do for now.

Maybe it depends on some other service … strange. It’s not a very complex app. So clearing the apps data and the media storage data does not help? Strange. Do you have your music on a SD card or directly on your phone? Else try vlc or other apps as a workaround for now.

All music is on an SD card.

For testing … can copy a song or two to the internal folder and remove the SD card? Afterwards clear all data (music and media) and restart the app? Just to see if the crash is caused by some issue correctly accessing the files? Just guessing here …

Thanks, I can try that. But for now, it works again passably.

Well, I moved some music to the internal memory and removed the SD card, no change.
To be precise, the music app crashes when I try to open the music library. Playback works.

  • Music crashes when started while no playback (i.e. the library would open)
  • Playback works when I start it via the widget or headset
  • Music app opens when playback running (i.e. the page with the current song opens, not the library)
  • crashes when I enter the library during playback
  • playback even goes on until I dismiss the crash notification

I think I would just start using another music app. Maybe they are less “crashy”?

Take the occasion to try F-droid and install Apollo music player :slight_smile:
There is also a thread on this forum with a list of good apps:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Apollo works fine, it even integrates nicely with the phone function ie pauses during a call and can be controlled via the headset - that didnt work with VLC.
(I already had F-Droid installed.)

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