KeePassDroid not recommended [by PRISM Break]

Just a short question regarding KeePassDroid: Why is it labelled :cloud: (“not recommended”)? [At F-Droid Apps for Fairphone from where this post was moved here.] Any problems or just because nobody tested it so far as indicated by :grey_question:?
I regularly use KeePassX on my desktop computer and am very happy with it. So for compatibility reasons I was planning to use this app on my FP2 once I get my hands on it…

The :cloud: - as described - symbolizes apps that are not recommended by PRISM Break. Some apps have neither :cloud: nor :zap: (recommended by PRISM Break) - that means that they don’t fall into one of the categories that the services listed by PRISM Break are labeled under.

Thanks for the explication. I was just browsing the PRISM Break website but even though I see that KeePassDroid is not listed as a recommended app, I did not find any hint on why this is the case. Did I miss something like a “not recommended” section?

No, they don’t have such a section. If you think they should check out the App than you should suggest it here.

PS: It was already suggested t days ago:


Thanks for the links. I’ll follow this discussion then :wink:

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