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  • New Stickers and T-Shirts. If you host an event you can request them with @Monica.Ciovica

Ideas that need some work:


@Irina_Spitznagel maybe you could share the pubquiz you made for #efct16 ? :slight_smile:

Hi Douwe,

I don’t know if it makes sense to ship them around but we also have here in Vienna:

  • white tent 5x5m
  • Fairphone banner 1x3m (approximately 98.5 x 295, FAIRPHONE logo on it appr. 30 x 222)
  • Fairphone stickers
  • Fairphone Flyers
  • Fairphone T-Shirts


  • 4 Fairphone boards + easels



With my recent two get-togethers, I have come to remember a thought I had suggested to Joe in the past and which from my experience is equally if not even more important now as it was back then.

To provide a background (before I come to my actual suggestion): As a local host, I’m coming to get in touch with a gradually growing number of what I’d like to call “Fairphoners 50+” (this clearly started once our get-togethers were pre-announced long in advance in the local newspaper), i.e. people owning or interested in the Fairphone who have definitely not grown up with the rise of the internet. These folks definitely aren’t netizens. When I tell them to look for more in-depth info about Fairphone online, I can almost sense their reluctance, even more so when I suggest to them to enter the forum.

While I don’t want to even start to demand a whole Fairphoners 50+ strategy (I believe @Esmee showed some awareness of them before) here and now, what I would really want for now is a simple printed or printable small Fairphone folder that I can give to 50+ folks who are potential buyers and who usually know next to nothing about the Fairphone yet. Just one two-sided A4 sheet with all basic info about the Fairphone, ideally foldable into a simple 10 cm x 21 cm folder.


Great idea: I’ve seen this hesitance often before indeed.


I just asked the content team about this and they are going to work on it! I hope we have something very very soon that you can either print out yourselves, or that we print professionally and we can send my snailmail to people organizing events.


I found the pubquiz docs on my phone and could post them if @Irina_Spitznagel agrees :wink:


Of course I agree! So I can stop looking for them. :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend to just email them to Douwe though, so the questions and answers don’t spread publicly too quickly. :angel:

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Could you allow pdfs?

Meanwhile I will send the files to Irina and you by email.

Hey @urs_lesse, I added a Fairphone Factsheet. Is this want you meant?

PDF’s should now be possible.

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pubquiz.pdf (135.6 KB)

The other pubquiz pdf exceeds the upload limit (3MB)…

To be honest, I was thinking of a conventional advertising flyer.

In my eyes, this would require a professional design and photos to illustrate the contents – a photo of the actual product seems the biggest ‘must’ to me. There is nothing wrong in the factsheet, however it is more like an internal talking points list for multiplicators rather than an eye-catcher for people whose first impression of the Fairphone this is. Plainly speaking, what I was thinking of would need to be a bit “glossier” – not literally gloss paper, but something that looks appealing and showcases the product in addition to the points in the fact sheet. A design just inspired by the website design would be perfect.


I’ll have a look if we can improve this!

Also, do you think this is good community event material and should be added to the list?

You know me, I have mixed feelings. I like the video, but dislike who presents it.

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Are the new T-Shirts there already? Or any idea when? Any preview of new and existing ones? :slight_smile:

@werner_noebauer: do you have the answers for the pubquiz? I want to take part in it aswell, so I don’t want to look for the answers before the Stuttgart Meetup.

@Irina_Spitznagel do you have the answers?

Some new styles:


I know that I made at least a file with the answers of the second page. But I can’t find it… It’s not on my laptop, not on my phone, not on my USB stick…