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Is it possible to order a nicely printed brochure of the Smartphone Material Profiles? I would rather not print it at home because quality would very much suffer. Why not add it to the shop so that we can order it together with spare parts and accessory?

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I can ask if we can have a stack of printed reports, so I can send copies to community events…
But faster would be to not print yourself, but take the PDF to your local copy-shop and ask for high-quality printing and choose some nice paper yourself :slight_smile:

…and send you the bill? :wink:


A few more photos, both versions (boy left: “Supply Chain”, girl right: “Exploded View”) in S size:

Just so you know:


@Douwe Will the new “in a nutshell” Fairphone fact sheet (PDF, 370 KB) be available for Meetups in a :angel: nicely :angel: printed & stapled version?

Pages 1, 6-7 from 16)

(Can also be downloaded from the “Background” section on https://www.fairphone.com/en/about/press/)


Cool that you found it! I added it to the list in the first post.

@Douwe It would still be nice to have an updated version of the two-page factsheet (2017) for b/w print outs. The 2018 version is not for home-printing, I guess.

There is a professionally printed A6 (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm) version, not as colourful as the PDF though (blue only) and so far in super-limited quantities (Fairphone could only send me the one pictured copy). I like it a lot, it’s finally the appealing one-piece brochure I was hoping for to give to complete newbies and I really hope it becomes available in sufficient quantities soon. :+1:



It’s cheaper to only print in one colour if you have “company identity” colours such as Fairphone’s blue (CMYK and the other colour tones.

Otherwise the press would have to set up all colours individually. (At least that’s what I learned this semestre in Geo Media Techniques. :grin:)

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