Fairphone T-shirts and more for the community?

But then maybe something more sophisticated not the classical type.
I last used this service.
and I think it´s not unique and can be found in different countries already.
With this magic hot/cold effect you can have a nice play when preparing your image thoughtful :smile:
I am not sure how durable the effect/picture is but they point out that it may be cleaned in the dishwasher too, but cleaning it manually will assure it to last longer.
Not every service offer their mugs being dishwasher proof, specifically not with this hot/cold effect on it.
That´s my idea for mugs.

Intersting idea.
It could change the picture of the FP2 to the one showing the modules.

I just would like to know, how this effect is achieved; especially if it takes some hazardous chemicals in the making.

Maybe a special shape could be used? On this page they have lots of different cups and mugs:

E.g. one like those:

I think it’s good to bring up this topic once again. While in places where local Fairphone communities exist the status quo (get a box of stuff from Fairphone for meetups once or twice a year) is perfectly fine, people far from any major city or other Fairphone “stronghold” :wink: should have an easy-to-find way to get some Fairphone merchandise, too (that might not even need to be free). Sometimes it might really just take wearing a Fairphone T-shirt to a local event to stand out enough (like this odd fella) to find people interested in Fairphone (or actually fellow Fairphoners).

I never would expect that.
Many brands (although no phone manufacturers) are selling their merchandise with a profit.
And obviously I would expect the same from Fairphone.

I like the iFixit stickers (I got one on my Fairphone, so if you see someone with a Fairphone plus such a sticker that might be me :smiley: ). Things you can slap on your laptop.

But regarding t-shirts I prefer something subtle. For example, a t-shirt with the Fairphone logo in that exact blue tint, with Fairphone written in white on it at the left side. Organic cotton preferably, and fairly made, so perhaps a bit more expensive. Though I been shopping lately and organic cotton baby products aren’t that expensive at Zeeman (was surprised they even had it). I like subtle instead of something bombastic but that’s probably because I’m in the 30s.


I think the current designs fit your taste quite well, nothing wrong with that. No one needs to be a living billboard all the time. :wink: And regarding the fabric, I think Fairphone already applies a good standard:

I guess, @JeroenH had something even more subtle in mind. Rather a logo in the place where breast-pockets use to be than a graphic all over the front or back.

In my opinion, it essentially depends on what the shirt is meant to be for.
If you are at an event “representing” or advertising Fairphone, the shirt should be visible from far, “crying” fair telephone all over the place.
If you wanna wear it in private - e.g. for taking a walk with your dog or doing some sports - many (like me) might prefer a really, really modest design.

Those shirts are not what I would choose to wear. But that’s evidently, where personal taste is involved and therefore up to everyones liking.

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Pretty much these (literally “cool”) colors:

With the subtlety of a polo

Like this logo:

But then the logo in white.

Not a huge logo, just something subtle. With e.g. Nike people pay to wear the brand (they themselves advertising) and the same is true with all kind of open source branding. Why not the same for a noble project such as the Fairphone? It doesn’t have to be a huge logo though.

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Saw this at the Fairphone office:

How about a T-shirt with this visible representation of the FP ringtone on it and underneath in the Fairphone font: “Fairtone”? :wink:


How about reusable coffee cups? Reduce a little of that landfill!


Obviously with a slogan, 'Wake up with Fairphone" or something.


Oh, a new template for an audio tattoo…:laughing:

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Or a Lord of the Ringtone ring with the ringtone instead of the elvish-script inscription. :wink:


Just imagine - FP rising up even more in the market to cause a major change - having other manufacturers to give in to the market shift and (slightly) change their direction/policies…
-> one to rule them all -> FAIRPHONE


…and there we are again. :rofl:


I really wonder, if there ever will be any kind of PR-stuff by Fairphone?
Was this discussed at the EFCT?
Do they even read this thread?
Will we ever know?
:wink: :yum:

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I think the best PR is a working phone and a good customer support. :wink: No, we didn’t take about merchandising during #efct18


Well I talked with @lina1 a bit (Btw, I don’t know if she was aware of this topic before).
She said about once a month she is pushing new designs for t-shirts, hoodies & other goodies, but only every now and then one makes it into production.
I saw a few “prototypes”, like a t-shirt with the design posted above on it and a really cool black hoodie which just had the light blue Fairphone logo in the front.


Thanks for enlightening us, Paula. :+1: Finally at least a bit of information.

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I was thinking of trying my own screen printing of a community t-shirt. I this works, I might offer my services to the community… But this is way down on my ToDo list.

Hi everyone, I didn’t know about this thread! Cool! Yes indeed I’ve been pushing for a new shirt design for long time and for other merchandize items like reusable cups, tote bags, hoodies, pencil cases, postcards. This always ends up in the backlog :frowning: It’s never a priority per-say since we are a small team. Certainly it’s good for PR but it’s better if we have our production steady and customers happier. So just to make the story short. I hear you :slight_smile: and I want new merchandise as soon as we can (I love the ringtone idea @paulakreuzer) . And I might surprise you one day when I make my dream of merchandize a reality! for now patience is key! :smiley: