Fairphone T-shirts and more for the community?


Quick brainstorm with the community.

I know quite a few people are interested in Fairphone T-shirts out there, and I’ve also heard people ask for things like stickers. Basically certain items that could either show off that you’re a proud Fairphone owner, or maybe something more educational like a little guide on how to explain what Fairphone is to friends.

Do you all have strong wishes for these kinds of items? What would you like?


I would like to have a t-shirt!

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Stickers are cool. I just got my phone back from repair today (yay!) and there was a sticker with the logo in the package. I liked that. It’d be cool to have stickers with the smiling phone figure that was in one of your videos for the first edition crowdfunding campaign.

If the t-shirts are going to be fair trade and sustainable, I’d love to wear one.

How about posters? For example, with a map that shows where all the components come from (the ‘educational’ element) or photos from various stages of the production process.

Gift wrap that says: if you can’t open it, you don’t own it! Okay, maybe that’s too weird. It’s hard to come up with something functional, that has fair options available and makes sense for the brand.


Thanks @Emma! Yeah, we don’t want to just bring more ‘stuff’ in the world so that’s why we have been pretty strict in the past about not having too much “promo” materials. Still, just a brainstorm so I’m interesting if anyone else has ideas. Gift wrap is an interesting one :wink: And for the posters, do you see it more for schools, or like if someone just put it on their fridge or wall?

T-shirts are cool for definite.

I do like the idea of stickers too.

I liked the postcards you include in the FP package, maybe some more of them?


This. With tangible examples of what you guys are doing.
Thing is, I’ve often heard people complaining that the FairPhone (the device) isn’t fair at all but these people just have no idea what’s behind the whole movement. I most often tell them about the worker welfare fund in the factory in China and the selection of conflict free mines. Those are examples that people understand. Generic comments like “more ethical”, “fair” and stuff like that doesn’t hit home with many people.


I would like to have a T-shirt. :smile:

Hi @anon90052001,

as you know I do have a shirt and some stickers. :smile:

I wear the shirt as often as possible and if I could own some more I will be running around only with Fairphone shirts. :smile:
Stickers and postcards would be cool too. I had an interesting 4 hour discussion about Fairphones, sustainable economy etc. at the IFA this year only because a Fairphone sticker is on the back of my laptop.

So from my personal view: Those little things work and could give a boost to the attention to the movement. I would like to see more of these.




Dunno. Another T-Shirt? On the other hand, I would be delighted about a cup of fair, organic green Fairphone-branded tea :tea:. As I not get tired to say, 宁可一日无粮,不可一日无茶。

But T-shirts :tshirt:? That’s so late 20th century. :wink: Ok, ok, if some people want it, you probably should. If so: fair-trade organic cotton, fair production, and find someone who writes a thorough blog entry about it. Maybe something in the style of RSA animated does the trick.

Fairphone stickers… well… ok. I’d put one on my laptop. “If you can’t open it, you don’t own it” + the FP star logo would be nice as a sticker. I’d put those everywhere.

But if you really want to do merchandise, make it useful.
Let me think…
Fairphone opening pick/plectron, anyone? Useful for guitar players as well as to open your Fairphone? Hey, the colour is already quite right! It just needs a star logo, and that’s it. Could be done with a pack from iFixit, you would just need to “brand” them. A thermo-element could be your friend there…

What about a Fairphone phone cradle/docking station? Would buy one for my desk. Phone sitting there, anyway. 3D-printed, ordered through the FP website. Phone should fit in with the original case. Maybe it could look a little like our buddy here:

I’d design that myself, if I could:

  • Surrounding frame which fits the phone with the case.
  • Visually probably slightly bent by making one part of the frame
  • Supporting phone in a 65° angle.
  • Added arms and legs, to make it a little like our buddy up in the
    pic. Probably sitting.
  • One arm streched out, able to hold the usb cable
  • The other with a :thumbsup: thumbs up gesture.
  • Colour probably a light blue, not as intense as the blue of the
    :blue_heart: blue case.

Now, can someone teach me to do the CAD? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Totally agree.

And what about providing the gif or else files, so that we print our own stickers/T-shirts/else ourselves, like we can with the FP Case stl file ?

I use the 3D-printed case to talk about 3D printers, and “by the way”, this is a Fairphone.

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About the posters, I guess it depends on what they depict. If you were to make one with a large world map that illustrates how many countries are involved in the phone production, it could be displayed in schools. But if it’s intended for someone to put it on their wall at home, I’d think more along the lines of a choice between several big photographs that capture one moment from the production process, with a small logo somewhere.

Edit: and @humorkritik I certainly wouldn’t say no to a cup of fair(phone) tea!


The world map poster actually sounds lime a great idea for decorating my home walls :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the suggestions!

Publishing sticker and T-shirt designs for people to print themselves is a really good idea. And I’ll pass on the other ideas, too. I would like a poster with the supply chain printed on it - a sort of “Where does my stuff come from” could look really good.

Thanks for all that detail, @humorkritik :wink:

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I would like to buy a Fairphone t-shirt - simply the ones some of you folks wear on the photos. But I wouldn’t like to have to go to a shop with a design on an USB stick or something like that. Just offer t-shirts in the Fairphone shop and I will buy one! That would be really great!
And stickers would be fine too! I’d like to support Fairphone that way!



Same with me. Offer T-Shirts and I will buy one (or two)…



Roger that! :slight_smile: We’re looking into it to try to get some T-shirts on the shop.


Yep, another vote for t-shirts here. The logo and colour of the default screen background would work great.

But please… not square baggy “concert” t-shirts :wink:


a sticker the size of the battery cover, to stick on it, that would show much better than the current small logo… Too bad this doesn’t come as a standard with the FP delivery…


If you put T-shirts into the store, maybe you can add an opt-in for a donation to the projects FP supports.


Hey Guys, so is there a possibillity to get a tshirt and some Stickers ?!?

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