Who can help us update the Wikipedia page?


The Fairphone wiki page is getting old. Just look at that Fairphone 1 picture… So we were hoping that our dear community can help us updating those pages.

We’d like to keep it objective and not edit it from a Fairphone employee so I hope this is the right way of doing it. There are also wikis in German, French, Spanish, Dutch… if anyone is eager to update those in their own language. :slight_smile:

I can help with providing links to documents and articles, like our fact sheet or press page with news articles. And also the pictures on our Flickr account can be used. The license is good for Wikipedia.

Let us know when you do, so we can bury you under our eternal gratitude!


Hello Douwe,

You can send me some textual updates for the English page if you like.

All the best,

Hey Andrew, thank you for your question. We hope people can use the information on our website and other sources to make the updates.

It does not seem right if companies or individuals update their own wikipages. Even if it is by proxy :wink:


Hey all!

I give this topic a little bump.
Still hoping that there are some wikipedians out there who enjoy writing a little something about Fairphone.

I was also surprised to see a new section popped up called criticism. Although I would be surprised if any group or company can exist (or flourish) without it, this criticism feels more like a persons opinion then a broadly agreed weakness of Fairphone.

What do you all think?

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Strangely enough I was reading the Wikipedia page a couple of days ago, and thought it lacked objectivity and some basic facts. The page isn’t an accurate summary of Fairphone and what it’s about.

As we feel it is not right to update our own page, we’d welcome you and anyone else to submit changes to the Fairphone wikipedia page.

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I think the first paragraph in the criticism section is generally justified although it doesn’t state that Replicant is a very small and - although honorable - insignificant group of idealists that has reasons to “strongly criticize” almost everything.

The second paragraph is just BS and was probably written by someone who continuously asked questions FP just couldn’t answer at that moment and got banned for trolling or left the forum angrily (I’m not naming no names).


As I personally met the main coordinator of Wikimedia España, Rubén Ojeda, last week, I proposed myself to contribute something (other than money) to the Wikimedia projects. This thread seemed like a good idea to start with. So this is the work I’ve done for now:

I’ve made some slight updates to the Fairphone 1 article:

and translated it into Spanish:

I’ll keep updating this. You’re welcome to help me (¡ey, españoles! Soy más corrector que traductor, ayudadme un poco con eso, :wink:)


I think the criticism section should be rewritten. To my understanding the forum is offered by FP, but not maintained by FP but by the community moderators. Therefore, even if critical post got merged into larger threads (like claimed in the wikipedia article) company FP would not be responsible for such action. Or am I missing anything here?


Yes, I agree that second paragraph should be deleted. Even if it were FP employees who moderated the forum this wouldn’t be criticism worth writing on Wikipedia imo.
But since I’m a moderator - and probably the one who closed and merged the user-who-wrote-that-text’s thread(s) - I’m not going to be the one to delete/rewrite it.


Clearly I am not neutral in this, but I think that the statements under ‘Critisism’ are not fit for Wikipedia. This section is about incidents of which not even the people participating in them agree on what happened.

Personal annoyances like these are not fit for an encyclopedia. Especially if I see that the statements made on wikipedia are not backed by the footnotes the author includes…
But maybe that discussion should should be held on the wiki discussion section…


Funny, on the German entry for Fairphone it says we have an office in London… I wonder how people come up with this kind of information…

In London gibt es eine Außenstelle, um vor allem gute Verbindungen zu vielen gemeinnützigen Organisationen zu erhalten.

Phone-Coop? Djdndjdjd

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Just a heads-up: I’ve updated the “Fairphone” and “Fairphone 1” pages of the Spanish Wikipedia to have at least a minimal skeleton for future updates, as well as linking and updating various items on the Wikidata project, which is used to auto-complete lateral boxes for articles across languages.

I should probably translate the English “Fairphone 2” article to Spanish, as well as I did for the FP1, but will need some more free time for that and probably need help with the task.

If anyone has a hard time trying to add something to some Wiki, then ask me! I’m eager to help. I’ve recently published my first original article on a Spanish composer and it was pretty enjoyable.

(I’m paving the way to open a personal blog of technological divulgation and digital literacy in my mother tongue, Spanish, and in this looong way I’m trying to fill the gap collaborating with open projects like Wikipedia or Internet Archive’s Open Library more actively to keep most of the references in the same language)


I’ll re-open this because I don’t think this issue is solved. At least, Wikipedia’s articles on Fairphone in Spanish and Dutch (!) are quite limited.

We might have a workshop with the Wikimedia Foundation at the #efct18. :slight_smile: cc @Douwe


Those are great news! :heart_eyes:

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