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Update on 20.11.2017: There is now a Github repository for the community portal. Head over to it to contribute!

Thanks to André for starting it!

Continuing the discussion from Porting LineageOS to FP2 & WeAreFairphone Community Server ( domain):

Eventually I would do it like @roboe proposed:

It would be great to have a whole section for installation instructions for the different OSes (lineageos, ubuntu, sailfish ). :smiley:

Let’s brainstorm here, what else a landing page for the WeAreFairphone community should have! :smiley: It’s a wiki, feel free to add things yourself below! :slight_smile:

PS.: Do you have homepage creation skills and would like to collaborate on this? I’d love to add you to the Cascaders Team at WeAreFairphone on Github. :heart_eyes_cat:

Things a landing page should have


The Cascaders Team at WeAreFairphone on Github has a new member! :smiley: That means that we are one step further in drafting a landing page for the Fairphone community.

Please have a look at the list above and tell us, what else you would like to see on a community website?

I know the information is already available on the community map, but a list of upcoming events (all in next week, next 5, etc.) would be cool. Plus an information about regular meetings where we have them.

I thought about that too, but I think we should avoid duplicate information. The events information is already on the Fairphone website:

A Tipps & Tricks section makes sense in my eyes, where solutions for general known problems are easy to find. The most annoying thing in a community forum is the need of reading hours of text for finding a solution for the problem I have right now.

The #littleguide series could be a start for such a section.

Yes, I know. And I agree that it wouldn’t make sense to maintain the events data in two places. If at all, one place would be the master and the other would just replicate/embed it.

I just find it a little odd that the events of the community would not be on the community page. And besides, the events on the FP homepage are not under our control. Which isn’t a problem by itself, I’m just thinking about delays in getting the events added or corrected. For example, the summary for the link you posted just says “test”. I would prefer it to be quickly fixable by us (I already informed Douwe) :wink:


I would also prefer a common database because that would allow me to use the data directly to embed it in the #communitymap.

André has started on the landing page on Github. Thank you, that’s already a good step forward!

You can contribute by commenting and/or creating pull requests.


How will André handle different languages (i.e. localization, l10n) with a static site generator like Jekyll? I’m curious. The only site I know that do this is F-Droid (look at the strings things.

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Please open an issue about this in the Github repo. :slight_smile:

Edit: Done: Issue # 1 (Localization) at WeAreFairphone/landing-page - Localization · Issue #1 · WeAreFairphone/community-portal · GitHub

The idea at the moment is that we simply use Discourse API to get the content of some posts and display them on the static site. Maybe you have good alternatives to this content flow. :slight_smile:

PS.: This is not and should not be an Andre-only effort. Please everyone contribute what you can to make this a true community success! :smiley:


Thank you for opening the issue on my behalf, Stefan.
I don’t have pretty much time right now to code, but I’ll try to give a hand at some point. At least giving advice.


Here is a proposal for a “site map”.

What are your comments? Maybe you even come up with your own proposal?

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Do we need an analytics software, for example, Piwik?

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Hi, there.
Not sure, how often I can/will look into here, but just wanted to say hello to you guys :slight_smile:
If you allow, I’ll leave some sorts on this topic, since I started writing some code :smiley_cat:

For now my plan is to set up the project and write the basic implementation, so someone else can take over.
Thing is, I am in (way too) many communities, so I can’t maintain it for the long run.
On the other hand, I noticed, that this thread here got somehow stalled so I just started.
This way we have something tangible to sharpen the idea.

GitHub Pages could be challenging given that they configured their Jekyll for safe mode and we have some plugins, that won’t run there. My idea was that somebody provides a trusted server (like Uberspace), which builds the pages and pushes them somewhere. Uberspace is a shared hosting provider. They don’t do domain hosting (for reasons they explain in their wiki). The idea could be to have the static files hosted their and setup a domain under
Personally, my blog (and later on, projects etc.) are hosted on Uberspace. I am very happy with their offering and support.

I would kindly ask you to be clear on what purpose the community portal should serve. Currently I assume it is kind of a landing page which points to other parts (like sites on this forum).

From my first Fairphone community meetup yesterday I can tell, that attendees were quite interested in Lineage OS + alternatives to apps from Google Play Store.


I think that Fairphone would be happy to offer hosting space within their plan.

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Absolutely. And I’ll make sure it is CO2 neutral hosting as well :slight_smile:

But thanks for the tips @Ryuno-Ki!


I know, that WordPress offers a JSON API.
I wonder, whether I could use it here …
It would have been to be enabled on the backend site.
Plus I’ve heard about some security issues lately regarding the ReST API in WordPress.

We can use a Continuous Integration server to build the Jekyll page and push the final site to Github Pages. I have one site hosted with Travis (free for open source projects), and the W3 host(ed?) their pages like that too:

Hm, according to Jekyll docs GitHub is enabling safe mode, which would prevent some Gems to be used.
But we could let Travis generate the pages and push the static files to GitHub pages …