Bright spot on the display

##Important info:

This seems a lot like a hardware issue that can’t be fixed or worked-around.
If you have this issue and can’t stand it take a photo of it and send it to support to get a replacement phone/screen.

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Hello together,

my phone is now 13 days old and in principle i am very happy with it.
But since three days there is a bright spot on the display. It is about 2x2 mm big and everytime a bit brighter, than the rest of the display. In every color.
It seems like a background diode gets more power.
In the beginning i thought i can ignore it, but it is so annoying over the time.

Have you ever heard of such a problem?

I contacted the support, but they did not answer.
I dont know weather this goes with warranty or not, so i just panicked and send a refund request before tommorow the 14 days are over.

Best regards


I think that was a good idea. As long as you requested the refund in the 14-days period - even if they don’t respond in time - you’ll get the refund, and as long as they don’t answer that gives you some time to try to find the root of the problem.

Could you post some photos in different lighting conditions or a video, so we can get a better picture? Also make a screenshot and see if the spot is on there too (I don’t think it will).

Another thing you could try is to dis- and reassemble the display.


did you try to remove the screen and put it back again? May it is just a loose connection and the problem can be removed this way.

thx for the fast answers.

I did dis- and reassemble the screen, but it did not solve the problem.
As you assumed the spot was not on the screenshot.

I made some photos, but its hard to see anything here on my PC.

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To be honest that looks to me like you touched your screen with some chemicals on your finger, or splashed it with such. On my notebook I have a similar pi-shaped spot from touching it after putting a chlorine tablet into the swimming pool.

I’m afraid if it’s that there is nothing really you can do about it. :frowning:

As i said, its hard to see on the photos, but if you look on the fp you see it. All the time.
I handed the phone around everyone agreed to send it back.

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To me, this seems like a manufacturing problem (except it’s something similar to @paulakreuzer’s chemicals guess) and in this case this should definitely fall under warranty, i.e. you’d get a replacement screen (or your screen will be repaired, if possible). Anyway, let’s see what support says. :wink:

I assume that your macbook doesn’t have a Gorilla 3 glass, like the FP2, which should be prone to Chloride.

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I found a better picture via google. Its brighter, but looks the similar. They said it might be a pressure mark. But the gorilla glass should prevent stuff like this.

Support did not answer yet.

I’ve the very same issue, with brand new phone. I’ve already opened a ticket but… the wait times are too long.

I Hope that isn’t necessary a total RMA.

I was just about to post something similar. I encountered the same problem with 3 white spots
on the display. They are visible the best if you have a white or light gray

The first time I thought its some touch marks but cleaning the display is not a solution.

It is difficult to get it on a picture but I think the last one with high contrast makes it
very easy to identify. I have not yet contacted support, but I guess this can
only result in a screen exchange.

(btw: the image Upload is not realy working for me)

I have a tablet computer with similar bright spots, but mine are rather aligned with a certain pattern, so it looks like there is some kind of mechanical pressure or such that causes them to appear… So my guess is that your phone has experienced some mechanical pressure somehow.

could be, the pressure must be from the production process somehow. So far, the phone has never fallen down or put under “unusual” conditions.

Hi everyone,
I’ve been experiencing the same problem for about 3 weeks (got my phone beginning of January).
White smears have appeared in 3 places on the display, actually roughly the same as @GeoSchnitz as seen on the photo (hope it shows). The one shown by @Zwetschke also seems to be in a similar location (bottom left).
My phone hasn’t been exposed to chemicals or undue pressure.
The fact that these smears seem to appear in the same places on different phones indicates, in my opinion, a manufacturing problem.
Anyway, I’m filing a ticket and hope I might get a replacement screen (that’s what a modular phone is about, eh? :wink:)

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Funny, I’ve got this too! At the same are (lower left “corner”. I didn’t actually think about it before, but when I read this topic I made a closed look and found a bright spot at the same position. But mine is way less bright. Does anyone else have this spot at this specific position. May be some mechanical problem at that area? What is behind the screen on the lower left corner?

Good question, but in this case it looks like a manufacturing problem. I will fill a ticket as well.
I can’t see what is behind the screen at this point, I never removed the screen yet as it is very stiff togehter.

Behind the screen is the battery, so maybe one of you should see if your battery is bloated. But I also don’t think that whatever caused this came from inside the phone but from outside.

Hi same problem here - opened a ticket 5 days ago, not heard anything

Has anyone got a reply yet?

Nope, not yet!

I have a simillar bright spot in the lower left corner. In consideration of the fact that many spots seems to be at the same position, I suppose the reason of this spot is an manufaction error.
Before I read this post I thought the reason of the spot at my display was a fingerprint I leave on the anti glare protective foil I hardly put on the display. The spot on my display is only little visible. It does not annoy me that much.
I receive my fairphone at december the 29th and do not want to miss it for only one day.
But the fairphone-team have to improve the testing of the supply they get from the manufacturer. May be they have got a bad batch of displays.

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