Bright spot on the display

I received mine Dec the 30th. Therefore, this could fit together with @avonrepus "batch of displays”. As well, I again tried to remove the screen today to see what is behind. It’s not at all possible to remove the screen. It seems like the screen and phone is under a lot of pressure holding both components together. This could as well be one of the basic issues.

Not sure what to do as well, as do not want to miss the phone in the moment. Would be good to get some feedback from support what they think about these manufacturing problems.

Same spot, same arriving date (the 29th) also impossible to take the screen off.

To remove the display you need to slide it to the bottom after unlocking it. It is a bit hard the first time but it does come eventually.
I had a message from support yesterday saying they’re sending me a new display.
They say it’s a known issue, so I imagine anyone with this problem should be able to have an exchange.
Anyway, I’m pleased I don’t have to send the whole phone back! Thumbs up for the modular design!

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Hi. I’m experiencing the same problem with three bright spots on the display in the same place as others. I’ve contacted support and am hopeful that they will be able to send me a replacement as well.

Some days ago I noticed a bright spot in the lower left corner as I accidentally turned up the brightness. It’s only visible when the brightness is high and the background is bright.
Now I can choose between the bright spot with high brightness or flickering with low brightness :slight_smile:

Edit: That’s the visible spot. I just played around with the Curves in Photoshop and it seems like there’s another one in the center of the screen, though that one is not visible to the naked eye.

Same problem here (although not visible in the pictures) . First thought I’m typing to hard, because all spots are in the lower part where the keyboard is… but they are on not-so-frequent-german letters like “Y”…

I received mine mid January (don’t know the exact date and the lock-screen widget is incorreclty saying I would own it for 4 month now ;))

at the moment it seems the spots are at the position of the battery, but I can’t explain it that way

Got my new display yesterday.
No white spots anymore, works fine.
Will see if it lasts!

Hi all, Yeahhhhh same problem the first dot seems to be at the same place on the pictures! Down left and the little brothers or sisters comes in the center of the screen.

I have the same problem - also a bright spot on the lower left side - what did i have to do? Send the whole phone back?

Same problem here. The spot in the lower left appeared first.
Now a spot near the center of the display is visible.
I contacted support:

Currently I’m waiting for a response.


Exactly the same at the bottom left too!

I was thinking it was due to too much pressure while removing the screen the first time, but it seems we are many to have it exactly at the same place, so, manufacturing problem indeed.

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Hello there,

Really interesting feedback on this thread. Thank you! Would you please contact the CS team to find a solution for this bright spots issue?

We will answer all your already-sent request now. Thank you for your patience!


I have the same issue.
I filed a support ticket last week, and just got an email from Sylvain that I will get a new display :slightly_smiling:
He also asked to send the display with bright spots back, for analyses.
I’ll sure do that.
Thanks a lot for the great support!


Apologies if that has been mentioned before: I have searched the forum but could not find mention o similar issue.

I have noticed in the last week the appearance of bright spots on the screen - it looks as if those spots are getting more backlighting than the rest of the screen. At first there was only one so I did not pay much attention to it. Now a second one has appeared. It is best visible when the screen background colour is not too light or too dark. I am a bit worried that this will spread and that my screen has some fault.
Anyone has noticed the same phenomenon?

Are the spots similar to the pictures posted above?

Yes. I have sent a query with Customer Support…


I have my FP2 for 3 weeks now and I have the same problem with the screen. There are some lighter spots at the Screen.

I don’t think that this issue is a software problem. Thats an production failure or problem.

But I ve to say, that those little spots doesn’t disturbe me a lot. :sunglasses:

Greets PhilS

Fairphone are sending me a new display. Very impressed with the customer service - thank you!

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I got my new display, it seems perfect, thanks a lot FP team :smiley:


I also have a simillar bright spot in the lower left corner on my FP2…

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