How FP2 is doing now?

Hi community. I own A 2012 Samsung GS 3 with last lineage OS. Happy with it.
During his life :

  • I have repaired the screen once (costly one :confused:),
  • I have change volume buttons once myself
  • I have change battery once
  • Vibrate module is down

When I like a phone, I keep it as much time I can. :slight_smile:
Now Battery is end of life.

It seems reasonable to change for FP2 as next phone. I follow it for more than a year on twitter. Love the concept !

Orange seems the right vendor for french customers as there is stock and fast shipping.

Some questions still in mind

  • I read some posts production is not fast enough and spare parts hard to get (screen mainly) Is it still the case ?
  • Has screen reiability improved ?
  • Will battery module improve for FP2 or new designs for FP3 only ?
  • are there any silicon cover available ? It saved my SIII life many times.

Now lineageOS nightlies are available for FP2, I think it would be a great new phone for me.

Thank you fore feedbacks.


The Fairphone 2 is produced in batches. If a batch just came in, getting it from Fairphone or from several dealers is no problem until everybody runs out of stock.

Spare parts are still a problem if you want to buy them, because they are not in stock all the time. Fairphone support runs mostly independently of that, of course, there are spare parts for support cases.

The display vendor was changed recently by Fairphone, but the supposedly improved new batch of displays is still too new for judging reliability.

Apart from the new camera modules there are currently no plans for further new modules for the Fairphone 2. And currently everything about the Fairphone 3 is just speculation.

Yes, although not from Fairphone.


Screens are currently out of stock baecause a sub-supplyer stopped producing a needed part. Once a solution has been found the next batches will probably be sold out very quickly, but hopefully after a while things will normalize.

What do you mean by “screen reliability”?

A new battery was not announced yet, but for the FP1 they suddenly had a new battery with more capacity without any prior announcement - so: nobody knows.

The FP2 has a built in cover that keeps the phone save from most damage caused by falls from human hight. Just don’t put the phone into the same pocket as your keys unless you use a screen foil.


I’ve seen quite many support requests about the screen.

Interesting, thank you

I’ve seen some pictures with squeezed covers. That’s why I asked.

Thank you for your post !

Interesting comments.
Thank you for the post

True, but not necessarily because the screen is “unreliable”. The number one reason was bright spots which, to be honest, is a minor cosmetic issue that you can only really recognize on white screens.
After that the next reason was probably water damage.

I guess you mean the old covers which sometimes split. FP developed new #slimcase’s which don’t have this issue.

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I didn’t have major screen failures (with an unusable screen), only that bright spots issue although I have one of the first FP2s.

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That’s what I thought, too. I have a FP2 myself, with only slightly recognizable white spots. I’d never ever think of replacing the screen for those, as it’s a cosmetic issue, indeed. Then I saw a screen with some really annoying bright spots issue. So my opinion has changed: It probably is a cosmetic problem in many cases. But there are screen where this issue is far beyond being cosmetic.

Also, the manufacturer of the screen probably hasn’t been changed for no reason. There were quite a few screens where touch recognition started failing on columns. I myself are on my third screen already due to this issue (both previous ones being accepted as warranty cases without problems). And I know some people needed to get their screens exchanged even more often.
Future will show whether the new screens are more robust.

So, yes, there are phones which have issues, but really, I still like what I got :slight_smile:

That might very well be true and what one considers to be a major issue is - of course - an individual decision. Most of the pictures I have seen in the forum on the other hand I would call rather cosmetic.
(And when I watch every day on public transport how many people are using phones with a display shattered and cracked all over, I consider even annoying spots just cosmetic. ;))

Btw: I judge my display to be one with just cosmetic issues, i.e. white spots and a kind of pink smear in the middle.

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