World domination for Fairphone in three easy steps

Sparked by this topic, I think we need to roll out a plan to secure world domination for Fairphone within the next decade. It wouldwill make it so much easier for Fairphone to reach their ultimate goals of fairness and environmental friendliness.

Step 1: @ben says Fairphone has to buy Mediatek after Fairphone 2 has become a wild success in the next years.

Step 2: @paulakreuzer suggests to continue the shopping spree by generating limitless funds and purchasing Apple and Google.

Step 3: Success.

Have I missed anything? It can only be minor details. The plan sounds future proof :wink:


I can’t see any issues. Just wondering if this would mean we would get a FairTablet or a FairPC in the near future? It would be interesting to see FPs future plans in more detail, like here!


I changed the category to “Fairphone Road Map” because I think it’s very important to put this plan into operation! :laughing:


“World dominance” sounds a bit scary to me :fearful:

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Yeah, the name probably has to be improved yet… :wink: What about: “Operation Robin Hood” :registered: or “FAIRevolution” :tm:? :wink:

About buying Mediatek: They issued 1.500 million shares, each 12,5 € (434 TW) in value. So if every one of the 60.000 FP1(U) owners would buy shares in the value of about 150.000€, we could afford to buy 50% of Mediatek and gain decisive power. Luckily, there are another 200.000 FP2 owners coming up, who will be happy to help us FP1(U) owners out: It’s only 36.000 € per person then!!! Come on, that’s affordable, it’s only about the value of a mid-class-car! :slight_smile:


I’m in! :smiley:
But I’m afraid for Google and Apple it will be more in the range of a high class aircraft carrier! :wink:


There’s an easier way:

  • take a loan in a bank (that’s the hard part, I think)
  • buy MediaTek
  • use MediaTek profits to pay the loan (firing people if it helps)

God, capitalism is beautiful.


Only 150.000€ that’s a steal!


Fairphone should simply raise the price of the FP2 by 150.000€ and retrospectively charge FP1 users the same amount. Foolproof plan! :smiley:

PS: Oh wait, that was the amount we’d have to pay if the FP2 customers didn’t participate. It’s only 36.000.


If they include NFC in the FP2, it will be worth it! :slight_smile:


Hi. While this topic is more than a year old, I think it is of timeless importance until the goal is reached.

About the naming. I also thought about “world domination” but I think it is in fact more about “world market domination”.

I also think it is great that this plan is transparently discussed in a public forum here and not in some dusty back room or the top floor of the FP tower. This matches the FP idea and noone can later say that it was a secret plot and that nobody saw it coming.


There should be no more doubt by now that Fairphone’s ultimate goal is system change. To achieve this, we need to grow and become a more prominent player in the industry.

Ideas on how to do that, are always welcome.

Also what we will do after we achieve our goal is open for input :slight_smile:


I think Fairphone should be a little bit more ambitious. World domination sounds a lot more fun, at the least :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the very first step to “change the system” should be getting to the point where no closed binary blobs are necessary to be shipped with the fairphone.


Hey @Soprano, if you read back the thread and get a sense for the message in it, you’ll see you are thinking on a way too small scale. Getting rid of closed binary blobs is such a mundane goal…

Dare to think bigger! :wink:


Small step for a man, giant step for mankind. :wink:


Instead of getting rid of blobs let’s buy all patents and copyrights for all things ever invented and then let’s re-release all of them under GPLv3+ :smiley:


Instead of buying Mediatek, Google and Apple, wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy all the mines (or to be realistic – according to this thread anyway – the major ones?) and become the sole supplier of minerals (which would then all be conflict-free!).
I think it is absolutely feasible, also some of us would have to sleep with some people to get there.


From warmongering militias? I wonder if Fairphone would be in for that plan! :wink:

So we should have to start a FP-army. Well, that doesn’t sound like it’s according to the values either. I guess we may have a little issue here! :confused: