Waterproof outdoor case for FP3

Currently I’m choosing my next smartphone and I’m evaluating, if I would buy a Fairphone.

In the German product testing organization “Stiftung Warentest” the Fairphone 3 has “won” the last place because it fails on the raining test and get broken.

Because this is almost the only thing that is different to one of the best smartphones - and a water proof smartphone is a very important thing for me - it would be great to have an outdoor case like the Lifeproof cases for Samsung and Apple smartphones. I know that there are similar discussions:

Although this seems to be a discussion about the FP2, there is an argument I do not agree to and I want to mention: BertG says that an outdoor case is not feasible for a modular phone. This is not correct, because you only need to open the case if something is broken and you have to replace the battery or some other parts. The most time, this is not necessary, so even if it is not easy to remove an outdoor case, you can do that if necessary. After repairing the phone, you can use the outdoor case again.

In this discussion, a case is linked, but it doesn’t seem to be water proof.

There are waterproof cases like this (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016I8T1AW?tag=aboutcom02lifewire-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=4158190|n2c87645f98fa4c1a9628fb763bc9532e16), also more general versions for a lot of different smartphones, but in my opinion they are definitely not for daily use.

So do someone know a company that provides an outdoor case like the Liveproof cases for the FP3 to turn the FP3 into an outdoor smartphone? Or would it even be possible that the Fairphone company itself provides such a case?


Well, according to some specialists you shouldn’t believe those phones are waterproof anyway. Still, they should be usable for a short time in light rain. As i do use it also while tracking, and just to be on the safe side should i get really wet, I’m using a protection device from a trekking company, loksak (see photo), loksak.com. Also, using it while covid prevails helps for not needing to disinfect the phone :wink:



Another pouch solution (with some social engagement) is this one:

(Though I am not sure, if it fits the FP3.)

I was referring to water resistance.
And I still guess, that this feature is suffering, if the cover is opened regularely.
This might not be the case with the (sturdy) FP3, but it sure was with the FP2. (At least for me and some other users. :wink: )
So, for the FP3 it might be a more feasible accessory, but I have not come across one up to now, unfortunately.

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Thank you for your replies.

@lklaus: I do know that those phones are not really waterproof. But having a phone that could at least resist to some rain would be great, especially if this function could be used for daily usage. Those plastic pouches are very practical in special situations (while tracking etc.), but not for daily use because in daily situations you would like to have a smartphone you can still put in your trousers pocket if it is in the protective case. (I have mentioned it in the initial post, but only with a link, not with a picture - and with less arguments.)

@BertG: now I do better understand your post. So it isn’t about an extra case like the one presented by @lklaus, but about the smartphone itself that could be water resistant, right?

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I just stumbled across this topic. My FP3 should arrive tomorrow and now I’m a little bit worried how much moisture the FP3 can handle.
Normally, I take my phone to go running and the screen gets a little bit damp from sweat sometimes (in my pocket). I also want to be able to take it out for a few seconds in light rain to change the song for example.
Are you talking about light stuff like that or do you want to be able to use it for a few minutes in rain or something similar?

I did have a water proof phone (or still have it), so I never worried about that. But, I still was careful with water. Since the screen is cracked now, the screen reacts a bit strangely sometimes while it is damp but even through the cracks there doesn’t seem to be a long term issue with water.

In general yes, that’s my core point.
Still, when looking for such ruggedized extra-covers like Otterbox, Lifeproof or Griffin, they are not that easy to fix and take off again, to be water-resistant. Therefore, in my opinion, they really would have been a pain in the a** to me for a while, when I had to open my FP2 more often due to reboots or cleaning of contacts.
That’s different - so far - for the FP3 of course.
Unfortunately I could not find any manufacturer offering a case for a Fairphone.
Everyone iPhone, most Samsung and a few more like LG, HTC etc, but no Fairphone. :frowning:

Many websites (example) indicate that the Fairphone 3 has an IP54 protection (which means that it has good protection against dust, and some protection against water), although I haven’t found that information in the official page of Fairphone (even though it was commented in this forum and it seems that at the time there was this specification).

However, I have been using the phone for several months now and in my experience, the phone adequately resists normal situations such as quick use unden the rain, or a sweaty or even something wet hand when picking up the device after taking a shower, for example. I think the phone doesn’t have a problem with this kind of things in a daily use. In addition, I have the impression that the bumper included is an extra protection in these situations as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Take a look to this official support article from Fairphone: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001535486-Is-Fairphone-dust-or-water-resistant-


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I mentioned the test from the German testing organisation “Stiftung Warentest” (June 2020): They simulated a short, heavy rain for 5 minutes. The Fairphone was the only phone that didn’t pass that test and get broken. They say that a smartphone that is failing in that test could not really be called sustainable even if it could be repaired easily. The PF2 has passed that test.
I don’t know how good the phone FP3 would resist in light rain/normal situations. In my opinion it is not very normal to use a smartphone for 5 minutes in heavy rain - unless you know you have a water proof phone/case.


Hello, It seems quite logical to me that building a phone that can be easily dismounted by users to replace parts AND is waterproof AND is not big as one of those tough devices is quite impossible. If this kind of performance is mandatory I’m afraid the FP3 is not for you. I would not rely on constant use of a waterproof cover, if it’s serious about waterproofing you will have to take out the phone when you need to access the usbc port, think about charging. Good luck, Marco


This is anecdotal, of course, but my FP3 has been used in the rain without any harm. Still, leaving it out in the rain for 5 minutes is not what I’d do (just a few seconds, wipe off and back into the pocket).
That said, I have been playing HPWU in medium rain for quite some time and I know the phone got wet.


I run once a week 8k with the phone in my pocket. No problems.

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I have used lifeproof cases for iPhones for years, they kept them neat and safe, I never had water or disinfectant issues.
I dropped the phones several times, one time it fell into the toilet (no, I do not want to talk about it further ;)). My phones never failed me and I never had a problem cleaning it or was reluctant to do so. After about 2 years of daily heavy use I had to replace the case, which I did happily for reliability.
The cases I use have a little flap at the bottom that I open to charge and synchronize the phone. It is waterproof for hours if closed. No need to open the case ever. Though it only takes 10 sec. to open it with a coin if needed.
The touchscreens and buttons can be operated normally through the covers. This does not work good in these “plastic bag” pouches mentioned above.

So this is the kind of protection I would like for a fairphone 3, too. Actually it keeps me from buying one, knowing that I can not protect and disinfect it properly.

So, please, @lifeproof, @otterbox, griffin and all the other manufacturers, make and sell us cases that keep our ethical phones safe!


T the summer

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and welcome to the forum.

In fact this seems to be something quite a few users would like to lay their hands on.

Have you tried contecting those companies already?
That would seem more promising, than posting that wish here in this forum.
And I doubt, that Fairphone themselves will go that way, since they have enough work already to bring Android 9 to the FP2 and level out bugs with Android 10 on the FP3 (+). :wink:

I only can advise all users wanting a waterproof case to contact those companies.
The higher the demand, the more likely one will give it a try.

I use a simple ziplock bag.

I have had a Seidio case for my samsung galaxy SIII which I used daily for at least 5 years. (See here: https://www.amazon.com/Seidio-CSWSSGS3-BK-Waterproof-Samsung-Galaxy/dp/B009XBCORO) The phone still looks and works like new (except for the battery of course and it is slow compared to newer phones). It felt so good to just wash the phone under the tap. Dropping it never was a problem. The rubber flap for charging it or plugging in headphones worked perfectly.

They advertised with the military grade protection: you could ride over it with a truck and it would be unharmed.
It is such a shame Seidio is out of business (and that they never made Fairphone cases). But I think this shows that such a durable every day case is possible.

I now have a Fairphone which I am super happy with, but the lack of a shockproof, waterproof case is the biggest disadvantage for me.

I have written to lifeproof, otterbox and griffin to ask for such a case. Here are the contact forms if you want to join me:
Contact form for Lifeproof: Contact Us


And the other two contact forms:
Contact form for Otterbox: Contact Us
Contact form for Griffin: Contact Us – Griffintechnology.com

I also looking for the FP3 phone case. I wonder if there is a waterproof phone case for FP3 that will be great. Summer is coming and I always go swimming with my families. So I want a waterproof phone case like this, which can protect my phone in the water.

Hi and welcome to the forum. There is no waterproof case for the FP3 as such but you may find options to protect it on the beach, Initially I would wrap it in cling film and then insert it in the official case.

Or just keep it in a waterproof bag until you want to use it. Whatever you do ensure it is absolutely dry before encasing the phone for any prolonged period.


Am I making it up or did I see the dimensions to enable some one with a plastic printer, print out a case?

I am in the same boat 3 f.p in and still looking the other 2 died due to water