Make it last with a waterproof cover!

Is Fairphone a good idea, by any means YES! Am I proud and happy to own one, YES! I do love its modularity and the way it protects my privacy thanks to Fairphone Open OS.

However, I think it is way too fragile :frowning: I am worried when I run while holding it in my hand just because of the sweat on my fingers, I know that dropping it would probably mean having to replace the screen…

I know it is easy to say, but would Fairphone consider to develop a water/dust/drop proof cover like the onces designed by Lifeproof or Thule?

Thanks to this kind of cover I managed to keep an iPhone 4s for more than 4 years and trust me I have never been careful. I took it on a 3 months backpack trip in south america without a problem, I dropped it on the snow and water and it was not an issue…

Anyway it is just a suggestion, thank you Fairphone :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for hinting to the phone cases, that are available for iPhone and Samsung only in case of Thule, while Lifeproof offers cases for other devices as well.

While I really love this idea in general, I guess it’s not feasible for a modular phone.
If the phone shal be easy to repair by the customer, a phone cover that is water resistant will hardly stay so for long if it is removed regularly. At least, I would guess that to be a challenge.

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