General Fairphone 3 discussion

that is what they said at the webinar on the 15th August…

I would give back an FP1 or broken FP2…

Says nowhere that phones need to be working.
I think they just want to collect them to recycle them. :wink:


Has anyone already received a discount code? EDIT : Got it !

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Are there any information if the phone is waterproof?

Unfortunately, no reference to an “Android Open OS”, just to “Android 9”. It seems FP3 doesn’t offer a choice anymore whether you wish GAPPS or not.


IP54 certification according to the product page


There are a few discrepancies between the launch event video, the technical specifications and the coverage in the media…

Does the phone have Bluetooth 5? The specs say it does, the presentation shown in the launch video said it doesn’t (4.2), the media coverage is conflicted on this.

Does the phone come with a “5 year software guarantee” (i.e. updates)? The launch event video says it does, there’s no FAQ about it on the website, the media coverage says it doesn’t…?


Rome wasn’t built in a day… Also, the community is remarkably creative if they desire. I’m sure there will be an OpenOS or LineageOS port in no time. As a first step, unlocking the phones bootloader is apparently still dead easy, as was mentioned by Tweakers:

Loosely translated, it’s a piece of cake to unlock the bootloader. In the “developers options” menu you can enable OEM unlocking, then reboot in fastboot mode and use the fastboot tool on a connected laptop/pc to unlock.


That is unfortunately the downside of an easy to open smartphone, it is not stuck together with a strong glue - so it might be not soo waterproved as an unmodular competitor.


I wonder when it will be released in shops? I live in
Japan but been waiting 4 years for this phone. I only discovered fairphone a few months after buying a new iphone 6s Plus. I still have my iphone and its 4 years old and still hanging on but not for long. Really needs replacing. Anyway my hubby visits Europe often and is visiting Finland soon, I wonder if it will be available there?


The Bluetooth certification says is will have 5.0 support, so I believe that.

However the Wifi certification says doesn’t list Miracast support, but this is listed on the Fairphone website… I presume Fairphone added it after Wifi certification.

Also, USB is only 2.0, not 3.1 … really?! What year are we in?!

I’m disappointed about the IP not being higher, but 54 was expected.

Hi @Patrick1 yes you’re right, they’re not really modern those water resistant with removable battery phones I found.


It says “USB 2.0 support”, which I would interpret as it having the ability to talk to USB 2.0 compatible devices, not necessarily that it only supports USB 2.0 (which, I think at least according to the 2.0 spec, would be impossible since USB 2.0 and USB-C (the connector) aren’t “compatible” in terms of specifications)


Launching Fairphone 3: Dare to care


Nice overview of the individual parts


I’ve not found much about the FP3 on other websites yet. Android Authority has a short piece, Techcrunch/MSN has a longer piece which must have been written before the launch and embargoed.

In particular I was looking for info on the websites of partners which were listed in the press conference. Ifixit were there, but nothing on their website. Sky Mobile and the Phone Coop are the same.

I also looked up this VCX score which I wasn’t familiar with until today. The FP3’s score of 64 is pretty good, but not listed on their website yet.

@mheiber I thought that it was possible to have a device with USB-C port only support USB 2.0; I’m pretty sure this was the case with early USB-C devices, e.g. Nokia N1 tablet. However, I hope you’re right that it is at least USB 3.1

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Really nice to see this and meaning the company is growing.

I wonder if the FP3 is designed in a way that it will make it compatible with future cores. Not even know if that is possible. But what i mean is to be able to replace the core, i.e. better processor, 5G compatibility (this is around the corner), etc. And in that way avoid a FP4 and new models every 2 years.


The technical warranty as stated on the website is 2 years.
I trust they intend to maintain software updates for 5 years…


Me neither, I always read reviews of cameras on tech websites instead.

More info + their website:

VCX measurements remain 100% objective, open and transparent. VCX employs/use an independent imaging lab for testing and seeks continuous improvement