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FP3 Press launch event


one module more
more reliable
5 year software gurantee


Well, were is the link to the press conference? I am just seeing a site which will direct me to the shop to be one of the first to buy a new Fairphone 3?

Shouldn’t crowdfunders have received an email by now @Monica.Ciovica ? I was not able to watch the live stream.


WTF does “Expected arrival time on the website: 12:15 PM” mean? That’s not how websites work!

i am already on the website, but still waiting for the investor mail with the discount code :slight_smile:

But that is how queing works. :wink:
So the shop does not fail due to too much traffic.

The modulesa are smaller and there are more screws to connect everything.
So it’s really more rigid, than the FP2.


The tech specs

Operating system

Android 9


Qualcomm Snapdragon 632


64GB internal storage
Expandable with a microSD card


3,000mAH removable Li-ion battery
Quick Charge™ 3.0 support


5.65 inch Full HD+ 18:9


12MP rear camera • f/1.8 • Dual Pixel PDAF
8MP front camera • f/2.0

Rear camera
  • 12MP resolution with HDR
  • 1/2.55" sensor
  • f1.8 aperature
  • Autofocus + phase detection
  • IMX363 sensor
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Dual LED flash
  • Up to 8x digitial zoom
  • Max video resolution 3840 x 2160
  • 4K video @ 30fps
  • 1080p @ 30fps
  • 720p @ 30fps
Front camera
  • 8MP resolution with HDR
  • 1/4" sensor
  • f2.0 aperature
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Up to 8x digitial zoom

Wireless & location

2.4 & 5 GHz WiFi • Bluetooth® 5 + LE
NFC for card payments & more


Dual Nano SIM
4G (LTE)

Connectors & sensors

USB Type - C
Fingerprint scanner

Media & audio

3.5mm Headphone jack
Stereo speaker


Dark Translucent body and cover


So what about Bluetooth? Press conference says “Bluetooth 4.2” (@ minute 20:42), specs in shop says “Bluetooth 5”…

That means, that you are in a queue to the shop to pre-order a new Fairphone 3, which will ship mid September.

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There are phones on the market with the same camera chip which support RAW format. Does FP3 have raw format?

Is it possible to change the module for network later to support 5G? I don’t get a link to the press conference…

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Probably it was updated recently. I would trust the tech specs over the press conference…
… I’m an optimist :wink:


Do we really get a discount code from the last Crowdfunding on Oneplanetcrowd ?

Nice, I’m very happy with this being an all rounder of a mid range smartphone plus the 450 EUR price tag. Ordered one (don’t forget your coupon!), and if I like it I’ll get one for my girlfriend as well. We got a young child, so I hope we can still replace the screen for 90 EUR…

You can return your old smartphone as well for recycling. You get 20 EUR for any old smartphone, and 40 EUR for an old Fairphone 1/2.

I’ll be saving my Fairphone 2. First of all, I’d like to play around with Sailfish and UT for a few weeks. Second, I expect being able to sell it for more than 40 EUR.

EDIT: This smartphone just has everything I need. I don’t need a high-end smartphone, the mid-rangers are more than good enough. I need a day battery life, and be able to replace my battery when it is at 80% of its max capacity. I need NFC, I need a decent camera with me, and the whole thing is repairable (latter two important with a young child). Then I want to play some media offline, and that’s about it. Oh, I’d love to have USB-C and ability to use QC. Dual SIM isn’t a feature I’ve been using lately. Not a fan of combining home and work phone (given MDM crap), YMMV.


that is what they said at the webinar on the 15th August…

I would give back an FP1 or broken FP2…

Says nowhere that phones need to be working.
I think they just want to collect them to recycle them. :wink:


Has anyone already received a discount code? EDIT : Got it !

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Are there any information if the phone is waterproof?

Unfortunately, no reference to an “Android Open OS”, just to “Android 9”. It seems FP3 doesn’t offer a choice anymore whether you wish GAPPS or not.


IP54 certification according to the product page