Using LineageOS on the FP2

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If you still have an original FO OS (or FP Open OS) at hand you’ll find it in /system/media/audio/ringtones/Fairphone.mp3.

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Since I was coincidentally extracting some files (in my case: wallpapers) from a Fairphone binary image yesterday, I wrote a short how-to that might hopefully help:


@fai8753 @AnotherElk @max_seabrooke
Can you please tell which kind of cameras your phone has?
(old 8 MP + 2 MP — or new 12 MP + 5 MP)

There’s the assumption, that the bug only appears with the new 12 MP + 5 MP cameras. (see comment oli.sax 24 Nov. 2017 18:15)


I have the new ones, thanks!

I have the new ones.

no, i am on the official LOS, and my setting for USB debugging survived the shutdown today…


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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: i just found the cause of the ADB option resetting, it is from one setting for the app iSu :slight_smile: Not a LOS bug then !

New camera module here, too.

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