USB connection to PC: FP2 icon appears, but "this folder is empty"

Hello forum,
On my first attempt to connect my FP2 to my PC after the Android 6 update, the FP2 icon continues to appear in the Explorer list, but when clicked on, I am told 'This Folder is empty". When I initially connect, the screen to import photos and videos opens, but I am told that none can be found on the device. Never had this problem before; searched the forum, but all issues appear to relate to FP2 not showing up at all in folder list. Can anyone advise?
Many thanks!

When connecting the phone you’ll get a notification on your phone as well. Tap on it and you’ll see different options what the phone can do with this USB connection. Default should be charging only, so you’ll need to switch to MTP, then your files should be available again.


Thank you so much Martin: worked perfectly. The notification doesn’t appear on screen now, but did when I swiped down from the top. Thanks again!

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I had the same problem. And no notification to choose charge or MTP.

And then the phone wouldn’t charge (via PC or with a charger) when it was switched on, only when powered off first.

And now the PC doesn’t recognise anything’s been plugged in when I plug the FP2 into a USB port.

Not found a fix.

Are you using Windows? If so, perhaps try reinstalling the MTP driver.
If that doesn’t do something useful it would hint at a problem of the USB settings on the phone I think, but I can’t say anything about Android 6 in that regard yet, sorry.

Thanks for the response. Going to be pressed for time for a while, so I’ll look at the MTP driver in a few days.

I’m more inclined to believe that the problem is in the phone, since it now charges only when powered off, whether using a PC port or a charger.

My problem is similar in that I can’t access my files, but the reason is that I have no display (another problem to solve) and so can’t do anything to change the USB connection default, as far as I know.
Do you know if there is a way round this so that I can save files on my phone?
Thank you,

Could it be, that the basic USB-Configuration is at error?
Check whats selected:
Settings -> Developer Options -> Select USB Configuration
As a standard “Charging” is selected.
Maybe that has changed?
Although - tbh - I woldn’t have any clou how that might have happened and if any of those options would lead to the lack of detection by the computer (RNDIS USB-ethernet maybe?).
I guess some of the techies or angels around here can answer those questions (or unmask me as fool or DAU for my guesswork).

Thanks for that insight, Bert. I’m ascribing the problem to hardware failure, since that phone stopped charging, and the replacement I received (eventually) shows up fine when plugged in to a Windows machine.

I’m guessing it’s going to be easier to find another another Fairphone owner willing to lend you their screen than it will be to bypass this. If you’re lucky, there may be a local group near you.
Whilst I’m tempted to think you could get data via adb from TWRP (which you’d probably need to install over fastboot), unless I’m mistaken you’d still need the screen to authorise the adb session and provide a decryption password to TWRP.

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Thank you. However my screen has revived after being connected to the
computer for a few hours! All seems fine now.

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