Updating LineageOS 17.1 for microG via TWRP + feature test

LineageOS 17.1 for microG is not available yet.
I’m just starting this as a convenient link collection stub for now …


I just discovered that there is TWRP 3.3.1-1, I was still using TWRP 3.3.1-0… do you know if there is a changelog or what the changes were? Thanks!

I don’t know.

New TWRP releases are accompanied by changelogs in their announcements, but 3.3.1-1 for the Fairphone 2 is only visible on the download page, there’s no overall 3.3.1-1 TWRP release with a changelog.

The TWRP device page for the Fairphone 2 has a changelog, too, but there’s nothing new there.

@z3ntu: Is there an up-to-date changelog somewhere?

This changed between 3.3.1-0 and 3.3.1-1:

* Noah Jacobson
FP2: fix encryption footer in fstab Change-Id: Idb79a76777a25b37f2cf9dd0f2bbd84e31a781c7

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Ah, ok. But doesn’t the 3.1.1-0 file’s date on the download page correlate with this May 2019 change?
3.1.1-1 was made available on the download page in December 2019.

twrp-3.3.1-0-FP2.img 10.1M 2019-05-19 17:03:51 EDT

Luca Weiss
Merge “FP2: fix encryption footer in fstab” into android-6.0

The fix wasn’t included in the 3.3.1-0 build which I’ve realized in December so I’ve asked the TWRP maintainers to trigger a rebuild to include the fix in 3.3.1-1.


Is this a fix, which allows for decryption of /data in the end???

It doesn’t help for Android 8+ decryption, at least not on my phone.
Perhaps it repairs Android 7 decryption in TWRP 3.3.x, I didn’t test that.

Waiting and waiting … is there a problem of MicroG and Android 10 ?

As far as I can see there seems to be a problem with UnifiedNlp and Android 10 currently.
UnifiedNlp is an integral part of microG.

There’s a custom workaround for UnifiedNlp alone already, but that doesn’t solve the microG hold-up yet.

Thank you, lets hope that they are working on it, I will wait …

I was able to install LineageOS 17.1 and add microG via Magisk and NanoDroid. It’s working just fine:



  1. Flash LineageOS 17.1 Nightly Build

  2. Flash Magisk v20.4

  3. Reboot into System

  4. Reboot into Recovery and flash NanoDroid MicroG (https://downloads.nanolx.org/NanoDroid/Stable/)

  5. Run Signature spoofing patcher for Android Q while Phone is in Recovery (from https://www.reddit.com/r/MicroG/comments/fywiix/signature_spoofing_patcher_for_android_q/)

  6. Reboot and enjoy LineageOS 17.1 including MicroG

Hints: The Patcher gave sometimes gave me an error message (mount: can’t find /system_root in /etc/fstab). If you get these message just outcomment all lines in the script (mount section) with “/system_root”. Then it should work.


Thanks for this. Good to know there would be a way in case LineageOS 17.1 for microG doesn’t materialise.

And through this I found this here, seems this is were things got held up for now …

How do i update/install latest version of TWRP? I got the .img file.



Done. Thanks! Hopefully the microg version will be solved:)

Great news!
microG-Dev will be back in 1-2 weeks…

and please consider to support him via Liberapay:


It works ! Thank you. But I have to patch again after update OTA.

In the meantime I installed /e/ on my daily driver Fairphone 3 and I’m really satisfied with it so far.
I’m considering to check it out on my backup Fairphone 2, too, to mirror my daily driver installation better.

/e/ is based on LineageOS, but the /e/ people are developing and building independently from LineageOS, and /e/ has microG built in, just as LineageOS for microG has.
/e/ is on Android 9 (Pie) currently on the Fairphone 2, and it is even more de-Googled than LineageOS is.
/e/'s own App “Store” combines the F-Droid repository with Cleanapk.org for installing cost-free Play Store Apps, so it’s not necessary to juggle with F-Droid and Aurora (but still possible if you like that better). I have read the /e/ Store would supposedly be lagging with updating App versions, but I have not witnessed that myself so far.
And /e/ has a beta-testing process in place before official releases, so you don’t install the pig in a poke with every new build compared to the automatic LineageOS builds.

Perhaps some things to consider regardless of the current LineageOS 17.1 for microG situation.


Hi, so, did you install /e/ on your backup FP2? I am considering to give /e/ a try but the thing that stops me from doing so right now is this:
“Warning : Downgrading Smartphones already on Android Q or LineageOS 17.x to Pie or from Pie OS to Oreo or Nougat can cause instability or at worst brick some devices.”

I am on Lineage OS 17.1. :slight_smile:

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