Updating LineageOS 17.1 for microG via TWRP + feature test

I can tell you my experience :slight_smile:
I installed /e/ on a FP2 that had LOS 17.1 before. I wiped the system-partition (and everything else) before installing via sideload.
The /e/-bootscreen appeared but after a while it would boot into recovery again. So I switched back to LOS 17.1 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe the system had been encrypted and you didn’t format the data partition?
I’d installed LOS 17.1 on a FP2 with an encrypted data partition. Then I formatted data partition in TWRP, wiped cache, data and system and installed /e/ (vía “install” from ext. SD card in twrp). It has booted perfectly and runs fine.
@vthejay: I doubt you can that easily brick the FP2!


I did, and it works well. It’s a bit strange but pretty cool to have the same setup running on both of them :slight_smile: .



That is a warning they give across the board for all devices … until somebody points out it doesn’t apply to a particular device, then they can take it down for that device (example topic for the Fairphone 3).

I wouldn’t know why that would apply to the Fairphone 2. You can boot anything you want on it and cleanly wipe and format and reinstall everything.


A few days ago I read that Marvin Wißfeld did not joined the /e/ team but supports it as kind of consulting engineer (https://linuxnews.de/2020/07/e-foundation-unterstuetzt-entwicklung-von-microg/).
Do you think that’s the end of LOS for microG?

One more question for my understanding: I wonder if it’s possible to update the last official release of LOS for micrG (https://download.lineage.microg.org/FP2/) to /e/ since both are based on LOS. At least I want to have asked before I have to reconfigure all my devices again.

microG continues to exist in the current form.
If anything, /e/'s sponsoring should stabilise the development, because /e/ really needs microG to work.

Here’s a clarification … https://community.e.foundation/t/e-foundation-officially-supports-microg-development/18946/39?u=anotherelk


Ok, thank you! That’s clear for me regarding to microG project itself. But what about Lineage for microG?

LineageOS for microG puts microG into official LineageOS.
Official LineageOS is 17.1 now.
microG doesn’t work with LineageOS 17.1. yet, you can follow proceedings here … https://github.com/lineageos4microg/docker-lineage-cicd/pull/70.
So there was no LineageOS 17.1 for microG yet.


Just got the notification of a new update. great to see it’s back!

has anyone updated already?

Edit: updated it, everything seems to work fine, or at least as before :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah! Awesome :clap: :clap: :clap:
But the first thing I miss is the calendar widget.

Can you place your calendar widget?

I use aCalendar app, its widget is working fine.

Great that is finally here. Thanks to the team.

how do I now install a custom font? When I flash the font.zip via recovery, like in older versions, I get the result OK. But the system doesn’t use my font. :confused:

Can someone confirm that the integrated calendar can’t place it’s widget? I installed the Etar calendar app additionally so that I have it twice on my device, just to check if it is an LOS related issue. But no success, the installed app can’t place any widget too.
Any suggestions to replace the widget?

I couldnt find it either.

btw, another update yesterday. everything working fine for me.

Thank you for testing! What exactly works? To place the widget of the included Etar or of the Etar that you’ve installed manually? Or did you mean the update?

I meant the update. The widget is not there after it either.

I just updated from 16.1 simply by downloading the image and installing it with TWRP and everything seems to work. I can also install the Etar widget (it was removed by the installation, but I was able to put it back).

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DB Navigator with LineageOS for microG

In “Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly” (Thread closed now),
AnotherElk wrote via Fairphone Community Forum - 17.10.2019 07:27 “LineageOS for microG 20191015 here:
DB Navigator 19.04.p05.01 still works nicely.”

I recently installed LineageOS 17.1 for microG on my FP2 (lineage-17.1-20200819-microG-FP2). Unfortunately, I absolutely need the DB Navigator which allows me to buy DB tickets whilst away. I found an APK for the 19.10.p05.01 on https://www.apkmirror.com and downloaded it onto the FP2, but I did not find out how to install it, and especially, I do not know if it is safe. The file name is “de.hafas.android.db_19.04.p05.01-190400009_minAPI19(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk”
Any advice would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Use the Aurora Store (available in F-Droid) to download the latest version of DB Navigator (Version 20.08.p04.03.200800007). It works perfectly fine for me.
I use LineageOS17.1 for microG…the latest build from 20200922


Thank you so much! I did not dare using the Aurora Store; now I did and it works perfectly fine for me as well. How about the banking app for IngDiba? I could really use it but would not like to risk anything. Is that safe from Aurora Store?