UnifiedNLP on Lineage 17.1


I have recently switched my FP2 from Fairphone Open to Lineage 17.1.
Everything works fine, except I can’t get UnifiedNLP to work.
I installed this package and the Mozilla back-end.

The self-check has “System supports location provider” checked, but not “UnifiedNlp is registered in system” even after I reboot my phone.
“Network-based location enabled” is also unchecked, although I did enable wi-fi as a location source in system settings.

Is this a known issue? Do I need to do something else in order to make it work?

The most likely reason for UnifiedNlp not being registered in system is the new partition layout in LineageOS 17.1, which is being investigated here.

If you want a dirty hack to make it work you can try to flash this zip, which tries to handle the new layout.


Thanks for the explanation.

I thought Lineage had the required patches to install UnifiedNLP in userspace, but it seems I was wrong.
I tried to flash the 2020-01-15 zip and it indeed does not work, so I will wait for a new stable release.

Could you upstream the changes? I dislike flashing arbitary Zips, sorry.

I understand your concern.
This zip has the change that was discussed upstream in the github issue mentioned above. However this current workaround (included in the .zip) might break compatibility with older OSs which means it cannot be included upstream. To resolve this and come up with a better solution (and test it thoroughly) might take some time.

But if its only about trust…
You can always include the changes and build the zip yourself.


Nop, but this:

Sorry for the delay of an update with a working solution for the UnifiedNlp flashable ZIP. I was lacking a LOS17.1/A10 phone. I have one now, :wink:

I can give my blessing to this solution:

You don’t need to build the ZIP: just applying the changes to the updater-binary of the latest released ZIP should work. But if it’s about trust… build it! It’s open, :blush:

There’s now a test ZIP available with Android 10 support for the installer and retro-compatible with older Android versions. (Privileged permissions for microG components could fail, as noted in the upstream issues)

Please, if you have a device with Android <10, test it too!


The test ZIP is working fine in my LOS17.1 FP2 :), great work! Location updates are working, installation made no problems.

Thank you!


I have another (maybe stupid) question about this: Do I need to have micoG installed on my phone if I want to flash the unifiednlp_2020-04-07.zip? And if not, can I just flash it with adb sideload?

There is only 1 stupid question.
The question that you don’t dare to ask.


Since I don’t have full microG but only unifiednlp installed and working just fine I guess the answer to your question is no. That’s the whole plan behind a seperate unifiednlp: to not need full microG. :wink:

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That’s exactly the attitude which I love this forum for :+1:t4:.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have microG at all on my phone so for me the question remains if I can use UnifiedNLP without any part of microG.


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@StephanK is right: you flash UnifiedNlp when you don’t want to install the full microG suite.

(For the record: in fact, microG itself includes UnifiedNlp, so flashing UnifiedNlp on top of microG already installed will just mess your microG installation, and probably your system. Don’t do that!)

And yes, you can adb sideload the zip while you’re at TWRP Recovery, after starting AdvancedADB Sideload there.

Note that the version released on 2020-04-07 is a pre-release. MicroG/UnifiedNlp seem not to be working fine on Android 10 yet. Refer to the open issue (#11, linked above) for other user experiences. Also backup your system beforehand, just in case something goes wrong.


Thanks a lot @Roboe. This was exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for.

What might be obvious to someone is not always obvious to other people…

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