Unable to download anything

As well as that I can’t often even make a phone call which makes the whole thing bloody useless. Apart from that it’s a nice phone or what ever it is

I see you’re understandably very upset but would you explain what you are actually doing, what you expect and what happens as an example.

Would you also clarify which you have the FP£ or FP+, how long you have it and if you have installed any official updates etc.

It’s almost impossible to provide any peer to peer support except empathy given your brief post.


I have a FP3 bought from your online store I think in October last year. You have been my network supplier for over 3 years.
I am unable to download music
I am unable to download photos
And it’s rare occurrence that I can make a phone call
Otherwise, all is good
Ohh I forgot the camera stopped working, but I downloaded a camera app so thats fine
What ever it is it is an excellent dictionary

This is not official FP support so you didn’t get the phone from me/us :slight_smile:

And clearly I am not your network supplier nor does Fairphone run a mobile network.

It seems you have an issue with the phone and not the network supplier unless of course, for example, you bought the phone via ‘Vodafone’ and they are you network providers. If that is the case you can go to your vendor/supplier.

There is an online Fairphone shop where I bought my phone in Oct 2020 to but there was no network on offer. BY the way is this a FP3 or FP3+

So please understand this forum is just for users who have bought the phone and the support you get will be dependent upon another user being able to reproduce the problems you have in your use of the phone. Hence detailed description of what you are doing is essential.

Saying you can’t download files means very little if you don’t explain how you are trying doing it, what app etc, and from what source etc.

If you can’t get the help you want here on this forum then you can contact the manufactures of the phone at

Sadly this forum, although hosted on a Fairphone domain, for users, does not entail official support


I go onto an educational website and wish to download a mp3 file. Its says file is pending and nothing happens. I have all the permissions etc
Or I wish to download a photo exactly the same thing happens
The GIFs are no longer able to be used.
I like the phone I bought it because I support the ethics but if more and more stops functioning what’s the point. Furthermore, I am frustrated.
And one just gets a Bott on the main site which is******g useless

Please explain the details.

Phone version, Update version, Application you are using to access website. URL of website so someone can try and reproduce the problem etc.

Your topic clearly states you have a problem or two or three but you are not providing details of what you are doing so I am still in the dark as to how to analyse what you are doing and see if I can help

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I bought the phone new in October last year, It has the most recent upgrade.
I go to say google select a picture am told to Download Image or Share Image select download and now nothing happens at all it used to say image pending. And would hang.
Another thing it will not connect to wireless networks. Honestly I know you are trying to help unless I get some joy soon my frustration will be all over social media
Also,Also I forgot the memory card got wiped after putting it in the phone, and it’s impossible to transfer any new data on to it. So all in all it’s a disaster
Model FB3 Serial number A 209Q3RD0202

Your infromation is still vague:

  1. So to confirm it is the FP3 and not the FP3+

  2. The software is displayed via Settings > About phone last entry > build number. it will show a number containing 0054 or 0066 followed by the date as 2020119 if it is the 0066.

  3. What provider are you using? Which country?

  4. When you say you go to google what does that mean? Do you mean you use the google search bar? then what do you enter. I.E you need to access a URL to download anything which I have asked you to provide.

  5. Wireless networks is a different issue so it will be difficult to help. It is best to stick to one topic at a time.

  6. As far as the media card is concerned it depends upon what you did after insertion for example did you format as internal storage ~ if you did it will wipe the data.

Generally you are not providing details of what you have done so there’s not much I can do via the forum yet.

Your threat to go all over social media is a common tactic and doesn’t help the people you are asking for help. It is just a bullying action though seemingly very commonly acceptable.

If you want to make wider complaints then you can use the form on the link provided to make one, you do not need to respond to the bot options you can write you own story to the manufacturers.

But my main concern is that I have asked you multiple questions some you haven’t answered, repeatedly, and some vaguely,

Please address one issue at a time fully, as the topic will be come increasing difficult to read and it could even be seen as just trolling.

Another query is that if you have had the phone for three months when did each of these problems occur and what order etc.

Another question is have you installed any application or is the phone in it’s original state as far as apps go etc. If it is it may be a good idea to reset the phone but remove any data you have first if you want as it will be deleted. In fact if you contact official support they will probably ask you to do a reset Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options


Thank you I shall do what you have suggested I shall reset the settings.
It gets very frustrating when one does not get simple answers and can’t just talk to people. I am not very technical so lots of what you are asking for I know nothing about or can not easily find. I gave you what information I could. Which seems to me to be quite straight forward. Going to social media is a way that possible to air grievances when nothing else seems to work, it’s not bulling. I am paying a lot of money for a product that is not functioning so no wonder I am pissed off.

That speeded things up but still unable to download a mp3 file using Chrome or using Firefox

Yes I get that, I’ve nowhere near as many issues as you and find the phone embarrassing etc, but I knew it was going to be an experiment, but not such a difficult one.

If the phone is largely working now, start another topic to address just one issue and if it is only just the download issue please reply here and give an example of the file you want to download.

I use Firefox so I can check that, but this is the third or fourth time of asking you to provide the address/URL of the file you are trying to download and I find it very disappointing that you repeatedly refuse to supply such simple information. :frowning:


This is the Wikipedia page for Valhalla. Thanks for this I have emailed the phone-coop. Your site would not let me share more than one screen grab of the saying it can’t download It’s the painting I was trying to save

  1. This is not ‘my’ site or 'Fairphone’s site, I thought I had made that clear. This is ‘your’ site in that you registered an account to chat to other users.

  2. There is no link to the Valhalla page ??

  3. (upload://uvROYJDyGveM4COCyZXqvt0XNnA.jpeg) is a statement that someone was trying to upload a file, but it is not an upload and even if it was it is of no use. It is not the image that you want to see that needs to be shown, but how you try to access. Do you know what a URL is?


Thanks for your help we are going round and round in circles I wont bother you again

You are not bothering me, this is a community forum and many people read this.

Do you know what a web address is, aka, a URL, an internet address often shown in one of the following formats forum.fairphone.com

any of the above maybe preceded by
either http://
or https://

If you are trying to download an image there will be an address/URL to access it. It is this that I want to see. If you cannot find that it may be that your skills are a bit off and you are not accessing the file you want. :frowning:

I corrected the upload and the screenshot should now be visible.

@SteveN1 Looking at your screenshot, you have two notifications for something that got downloaded. When you swipe down to get the notification shade, don’t you get a notification that your download was done?

Are you talking about an SD-card? With the description of your problem, it seems you formatted the card as internal storage (which was the first choice when inserting it). This is known to cause problems. You can reformat it as external storage as a workaround, but please before follow these instructions:

Some things may be a little different, just ask if you’re not sure.

This is a forum limitation for new users, but you can post a second screenshot in a second post if needed.


I hope that you’ve been able to have some success. Do you know about the fairphone Angels at all?
Maybe somebody living in your area could help.

Or if you say where you live, maybe somebody else in your area could offer to meet up with you to help out.
All the best,

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