The place to list errors on the Fairphone homepage

I did not find that kind of topic, therefore I start a new one.

The existing topic on errors with the German translation of the website seems a bit special to me, it is closed for some time now and I wanted to make this a permanent thing to be used by everyone.

I make it a wiki, so everyone can add an error, glitch, broken link or wrong translation to the list. When adding a new point, I now place it at the top and the icon :new: in front of it. When the next entry is added, this icon should be removed and added to the latest entry. And I enter the date of adding this point at the end (headed by :date:).
As soon as the problem is solved, it can be taken off the list (like a bugtracker maybe?).

Since I happened to stumble upon one such minor “error” I start the list:

  • :new: On, links to* are no longer valid. (added by @DeepSea :date: 2021-08-17)
  • On Open Source at Fairphone – FAIRPHONE open source documentation, the link to the Fairphone forum does not work (“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”) (added by @DeepSea :date: 2021-05-11)
  • The shop page accepts only 10 digits for phone numbers, which is in some cases not enough. See this thread
  • The page redirects to (giving a 404 error) while it should redirect to
  • The information page on shipping and additionl costs states, that VAT is not added for shippings to the UK, Switzerland and Norway, as those countries are non-EU. But the headline still refers to Switzerland and Norway only. UK should be added as well.
  • From the forum: … The information there is somewhat outdated as the FP3 has been FCC certified. With regard to this support page: Connectivity of FP3/FP3+ outside of Europe (See this thread; and Rae has been pinged already)
  • From the forum: … on mobile I had to activate the desktop page view to see the order status, it’s not there on the mobile page version. (Fennec F-Droid)
  • When wanting to place an order from Switzerland, one has to switch the shops settings to “delivery location: Switzerland” first. Otherwise the program allows no delivery addres in Switzerland (See this thread) - This is the workaround for all countries as well: specifically needed for UK, Norway, Sweden, France (@Esmee) .
  • If not logged in during an order in the webshop, the shop might not be able to calculate the shipping costs. I first had to toggle the country drop-down menu to a different country and back to my country.
  • When being logged into the shop when selecting the option “new shipping address” all required fields will appear to be filled in. I then decided to let it ship to an existing address and thus changed the setting back again. I could not continue the order process because the webshop required the new address fields to be filled in. I reloaded the page and entered everything else I already had and continued then.
  • The support page for order status is missing the status message “Rhenus prepare shipping”. Maybe it was just a temporarily used status report? - This was indeed temporary. We have one other status atm that is not listed, once I have the official description, I’ll add it (@Esmee)
  • The user account for orders is listing the Fairphone 3 IMEI as Fairphone 2.
  • The Support page Find & fix an issue yourself
    In the blue banner it shows the path:
    Support → Fairphone 2 - How to’s & tutorials → How to get help from CS
    (1) Fairphone 2
    (2) fix yourself <-vs-> get help from CS : that’s a bit contradictory.

Feel free to add anything you find.
May I invite you to this topic, so you can ever once in a while check for new entries and report them to the right people?

Hi, I just deleted some entries regarding errors, that were fixed already.
Other points are not accessible (e.g. regarding address handling in the shop).
If they are solved as well already, please delete those entries.
Otherwise it seems, that FP doesn’t care about such errors, though they in fact take them up and solve them.

I don’t know if you are aware of this thread. (Now you are. :wink: )
I did not check it for quite a while myself. If you at Fairphone have fixed some of the issues, feel free to delete those entries! Please do so!! :+1: