The place to list errors on the Fairphone homepage

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I did not find that kind of topic, therefore I start a new one.

The existing topic on errors with the German translation of the website seems a bit special to me, it is closed for some time now and I wanted to make this a permanent thing to be used by everyone.

I make it a wiki, so everyone can add an error, glitch, broken link or wrong translation to the list.
As soon as the problem is solved, it can be taken off the list (like a bugtracker maybe?).

Since I happened to stumble upon one such minor “error” I start the list:

  • From the forum: … on mobile I had to activate the desktop page view to see the order status, it’s not there on the mobile page version. (Fennec F-Droid)
  • Not sure, if it is an error, but I think so: On the page Mapping the journey of your Fairphone under the heading " Explore the Fairphone 3 supply chain with our interactive map" their is an open sourcemap linked. This map is headed “Fairphone 2”, as well in the heading of the tab as in the left part of the screen with the explanations.
  • When wanting to place an order from Switzerland, one has to switch the shops settings to “delivery location: Switzerland” first. Otherwise the program allows no delivery addres in Switzerland (See this thread)
  • The Phone-order pages in different languages give quite different messages, while the phone is not available. When scrolling down the page show in the top right-hand corner: :uk: Out of stock / :fr: Pre-commander / :de: Nein / :nl: Nee / :es: Sin existencias / :it: Non disponibile. The german and dutch version seems a bit unfriendly, while the french version seems to imply the option to preorder, that does not exist.

Feel free to add anything you find.
May I invite you to this topic, so you can ever once in a while check for new entries and report them to the right people?


*cough* :wink:

Can I edit the doc myself - taking out what has been fixed? The team informed that the 1st point is fixed for example.


Of course!
That was exactly my intention, though to make it easier for you I did it right away in this case.
Great to hear btw.
Thx for taking care! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for setting this up - from our team.

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