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I found a problem in the web shop of Fairphone:
The phone number can max. be 10 characters.

  • My mobile phone number in international format is: +49 163 xxxxxxx
    (13 characters without the blanks, it is too long)
  • When I leave away the country code, then I have: 0163 xxxxxxx
    (11 charactrers without the blanks, still too long)
  • So I am forced to write my number like this: 163 xxxxxxx
    (10 charactrers) but here nobody will be able to contact me, because the caller has to know that this is a number in Germany and that there is a 0 at the beginning needed when you call from Germany

So I suggest you allow a longer number (at least 15 characters).

@rae I know that you are from the Fairphone team, so I am taking you in CC here.

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Even my phone number from home is too long:
+49 89 xxxxxxxx (also 13 characters, same problem like above)

And my office number is also too long:
+49 89 xxxx xxxx (also 13 characters)


@BertG You should replace “shich” with “which” in The place to list errors on the Fairphone homepage


Seeing as you’re already required to select your country when ordering, it seems to me that the country code isn’t necessary. I can’t even put in my Dutch phone number (00316XXXXXXXX) if I use a country code - so I think you can just leave off the +49 (or 0049).

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I agree with you that probably country code can be left out. But 10 digits is still not enough! E.g. in my case phone numbers are still 11 digits. And the weird thing is that it seems this limit has not always been there: my 11 digits are already configured in my FP shop account…


Not a good solution. But it might be a workaround: if you create an account while ordering you can later change the phone number to a longer one in the address setting of the account…


A man of many digits!

Clearly this character limit needs to be corrected - and once fixed, if the country code is still to be left out, that should also be made clear in the form. I’m so used to typing out my phone number country code and all that I’d probably run into the same issue as the OP if I ordered something.


As I wrote in my OP:

When I leave away the country code, then I have: 0163 xxxxxxx
(11 charactrers without the blanks, still too long)

So leaving out the country code is not solving the problem.

I already did this (directly after ordering my Fairphone 3+).
In my profile even the full number with blanks is allowed like: +49 163 xxxxxxx
But thank you for your feedback, @Volker


AFAIK, there is an limit of 13 digits for international phone calls. This includes the two or three digit country code and the ten digit phone number. It does not include any prefixes like ‘+’ (which translates to ‘00’, ‘011’, etc depending on your provider/country of origin) or the ‘0’ used in many countries to signal an area code as in 0163.

So your phone number is not 0163 xxxxxxx but “area” code 163, local number xxxxxxx.

I have seen phone numbers with 11 or maybe even twelve digits in Germany, but I believe they were an artifact created by using too many digits on a private exchange.

0163 is a mobile network number.
And it is in Germany usually followed by a 7 digit phone number.
That’s quite usual.

My landline even has 12 digits.
Even omitting the leading zero wouldn’t do the trick.

10 digits is not enough, definitely.

Those numbers are no artifact, but regular ones from german telecom companies.
Just have a look at a phone book.

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International Phone numbers should not exceed 15 digits.
Source: Telephone number - Wikipedia

In the international telephone network, the format of telephone numbers is standardized by ITU-T recommendation E.164. This code specifies that the entire number should be 15 digits or shorter


Thanks for the correction. It’s been quite a while since I had anything to do with this… No wonder I needed an update. :hugs:


Thanks for flagging @OLLI_S. I have already let the team know and will loop back here asap when I receive an update. :slight_smile:


Looping back way sooner than expected. This was actually fixed just this week. You should now be able to add up to 20 characters. :wink:


Thank you, @rae
I am happy to help you!


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