👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members) - Offers and questions

Sounds good for me :slight_smile:


Thanks you very much for your offer to join the FP Angels!
I’ve now added you to the Angels and Rhein-Main groups.
The area around Wiesbaden should be “highlighted” within the next 6 hours on the FP Angels Homepage.
Hope you’ll have a good time with your new FP5!


(I post here to have more chances of having replies to my question, but feel free to move this message to another place)


For next Grenoble’s meeting, I have spotted a new local place (https://turbine.coop ).
They are asking me if there are some visuals that they can use to spread the word about the encounter.

Is there such thing as a (sort of) “communication kit” that I can use to publicly communicate on next Grenoble’s Fairphoner meetings ?


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I guess you mean stuff already printed like flyers or stickers? Fairphone doesn’t stock a lot of these anymore (except for flyers for the new products – Fairphone 5 and Fairbuds XL). But you might also want to take a look at this.

Basically, Fairphone is willing to reimburse printing costs for Community events within reasonable limits.

There’s an old topic which (its starting post) is now totally outdated, but I’m linking to it here nevertheless because the big 3-metre banner still exists (although I doubt you might find it fitting for your needs right now):

P.S.: The “Community Identity” zip file is no longer available for donwload in the first link above. I’ve emailed it to you @LowMemory at your Grenoble Fairphone Angel address.
P.P.S.: The (right above) attempt to email the zip file to the Angel email address was rejected, too. Sorting out this specific detail in DM with LowMemory now.


Thank you !

(I could not retrieve zip file in personnal message, but I see some available material on official github repo: GitHub - WeAreFairphone/Community_identity: To help our community to get better visibility and support their work to promote fairer electronics we created a new design just for the community. )


Hi everyone!

Although I do not have any special knowledge about software or technology, I am interested in becoming a FP angel in the area of Wageningen, NL. I do not have any experience with alternative OS etc, so this would just be for helping people with repairs or questions about FP, but I hope I can still contribute in this way. I am a happy owner of the FP3 :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi and sure you can definitely help that way, we will contact you asap via PM.


Hello everyone, i’m sadly stepping off from the forum because i’m no longer in possess of a fairphone, and I prefer not to be an Angel anymore, because I couldn’t offer good advices not having a fairphone myself.
Anyone can help?




Thanks for your support, we will remove you.


I am in Ecully 69130 France.
I can demo there.
Would be nice just to click in the fairphone App and
select 4 demo / year + notifications

Or maybe directely from the forum, a button AVAILABLE FOR DEMO in this area. Like on freelancer website “available for work”

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From your other topic I feel there might be a misunderstanding, so a few comments.

Fairphone Angels dont have demo devices. Very few more active members organizing meetups currently have a FP5 to demonstrate it. You can arrange meetups without being Angel.

Angels, at least at my heaven are more contacted to help when something is not working to test a module if the Angel has the device and is willing to use their daily driver for testing.


I saw on the fp angel map that there arent any in (Hungary) Budapest. I live in here and would like to join fairphone angels.


Thanks for offering to join the Angels group in Budapest! You’re right - it’s great to add that spot to the Angels area!
I’ve now added you to the angels group, have created the Budapest “heaven” (group) and have started the rest of the “onboarding process”.
I’ll send you more information via pm.

“Onboarding” has been finished and Budapest should appear on the FP Angels Homepage during the next 4 hours.



Hello! I own a Fairphone 5 (first FP!) in Norwich, UK. No experience with alternative OS but I’m happy to help others who are considering getting one! I speak Italian and English, learning Spanish.



Thanks for offering help, one of us @Archangels will start the onboarding asap


Welcome Cardbored and thank you for your offer to join the angels group! Great to have a “FP5 ambassador” in Norwich!
I’ve started “onboarding” and have sent you a pm with more details.

EDIT: Norwich “heaven” should now be reachable and will appear on the Angels map within the next 24 hours.


Hello together,
I would be happy to join as a FP Angel. I am lokated near Limburg in Germany.


Thanks will sent you a PM, to start the set-up

Edit: all completed, map will reflect asap :slight_smile:


There are only 2 angels in Berlin. Charlie says you need 3.

Add me?

My creds: I had the FP1, 2 3 and 5. Currently I have a 3 and a 5 at home. A couple of still working spare parts on the 3 from previous part replacements. An iFixit small kit (but you just need one screwdriver for a FP), I installed Lineage on maybe 20 phones in the past.

Located in Schöneberg / Tiergarten / Gleis3eck / South West.


Wonderful, will add you asap :blush:

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