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Hey Jens! I’m going to make sure we help you out today. Thanks for your patience and support so far. Greets! Michiel


like many of you i’m getting more and more disappointed by the fairphone team as my 6 months old fairphone has broken down for the second time. The first time i got a pretty quick answer to my request as i was still in the 15 days return period. But this time i sent a request on the 15th May, and still no sign of life. I guess i should have returned it when i could.

Fair phone if you read me, get in touch : #104974. @anon48893843

Hey, I’m reading, and I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed with our service, but rightfully so. We are working hard on improvements though. I’m going to make sure that you get help today and we will make sure you have a working device soon.

I haven’t been able to use my fairphone 2 for two weeks,I opened a support ticket on June 17 but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I read that when that happens you’re supposed to post your support ticket and problem here, so there goes…
It seems to a problem with the connection between the screen and the rest of the phone as described in these posts Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2 and Display problem - whole screen filled with noisy pixels of different colors .
I only need the adress to send the phone to the service center and an ok to do so.
my Request ID is #111157 @anon48893843
regards theo

I’m also waiting for an answer to my request on 6th June: # 108735 @anon48893843
I think its really important to get an answer after a bunch of days and not after weeks…

I’m also waiting to hear back regarding my request from June 13th: #110129 @anon48893843.
Since the phone cannot be used anymore at all, this is rather tragic. I’m in the process of revising my good opinion of the FP2 project.

Auch nachdem ich das Display abgenommen habe tut sich bei mir leider absolut nichts.

Request #103652 @anon48893843

Hi, Michiel_S , thanks for your help. Thanks to you, I got news from your colleagues and could sent my fairphone that has been received today. Let’s hope the support team will be able to fix my problem fast and that I will received back a functional FP2 soon. And let’s hope you’ll manage to increase the capacity of the support team fast too. It’s not normal to have to ask through a forum to be taken in charge.

Hey, I’ve seen that my colleague Sietse has been in touch in the meantime. Our apologies for the long wait!

Hi Kephson, I’ve just replied to your ticket. You are right, first reply time should be a couple of days. Working towards that! Sorry to keep you waiting.

Hey Theo, our apologies for not replying earlier. I have just sent you a reply, we’ll make sure we get you a decently working phone as soon as possible!

@anon48893843 thanks a lot for your reply but I’m not happy with it: All the time after I sent you my display module I can’t use my phone? Is that the way you would expect?
The display module makes problems from time to time but I’m not happy to send you the half phone and have to wait until you checked it and send me a new one.
If this process will take so long time it needed to get and answer… no… :frowning: and the answer I got after I complained to you in the forum…

I’m new to FP2. Since the last update I’m facing an issue with the display of the FP2.
It starts to work and type by itself. Looks awesome when you try to enter a phone number and it looks the phone tries to type :frowning:

So I raised a ticket. To get a feedback I had to call to the Netherlands.
I received a feedback on my request, please test this and that and afterwards raise the return request if the display is still faulty.
Done but maybe someone has an impression/idea.
I’m now since more than two weeks without my FP2 and it looks there is still now progress. My return request is not answered. Whats going on here?

Sorry to hear about your experience. Support is swamped unfortunately, but if you include your request number here you’ll get an answer soon.

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I have mailed you about my dead phone… I did it the first day and have trouble-shouted a lot since then. After searching on the forum some more people had the same problem, but non have solved the main problem (what’s broken?). I am of course interested in an answer, but most important is to get my phone back running again.
My ticketnumber: #113457
The thread where people have the same problem: Drained battery/ Start-up loop

I have tried a lot of different cables/chargers/computerslots/powerbanks… nothing helps!

I write here because I do not have time to wait the whole summer to have my phone working. It’s in summer I really need it, not knowing when I will sit at a computer for the next time and now just having an old half-working phone…

so is this the place to chase a support request? … if it is and this speeds it up great as i’ve been waiting over 3 weeks now with no acknowledgement or response. My phone is now defunct and i’ve had to buy another phone, so for all intent and purposes it was a wasted experiment with Fairphone.
Anyways, i’d still like it repaired please so i can either sell it, or wait for the many bugs to be finally fixed, and consider using it again. My ticket number is #109997

Following the others, I’m attaching my unanswered ticket here, #112517.
At the beginning I was a bit disappointed about the missing of any feedback from the support but, after having read all this topic, I better realized that you are super-overloaded… I’m sorry for that and I really hope that you will be able to improve the support system. Even though here we are supporting a nice new idea and we knew that some risk can be connected to such ventures, nevertheless users hardly can accept to wait for so long time to get answers for a broken phone and even more to get it working again.



I don’t want to make a fuss, but it’s been two weeks since I raised my support ticket #112431. Any response would be appreciated. I understand that you’re very busy but I miss my fairphone! It’s a fantastic device and a great cause, and I particularly like being able to show off its removable screen to my unfortunate friends with iPhones and broken screens. Sadly the 1.4.2 update caused it to get stuck in a bootloop, and even reflashing the older versions of android hasn’t fixed it.

Thank you,


Is it not a sad thing, that the only way to get a real - not automatic- answer from support in reasonable time is to write in this thread?
I feel a bit uncomfortable towards people that are not member of the forum - it is not obligatory? - or people (like me) who do not feel able to discuss technical detail in a foreign language on phone calls.

However…For several weeks now I have a non working FP 2 and my request number is #111793.

In my request I wrote:
"The problem:
It is no longer possible to charge the battery. I have tried with many different cables and chargers. The red LED lihgt is on and the battery gets loaded to perhaps 5%, then loading stops, battery drains very quickly, phone getting very hot. I cannot start the phone.

I made the update to 1.4.2 and rooted the phone with the instructions of the Fairphone support site. I have done this before without any problems.
It seems, that the problem began after the update. Phone worked, but got often very hot. Charging worked too when needed, but ended quite suddenly ( about three days after the update)"

In the meantime I ordered a new battery, hoping the problem could be solved this way ( and in case of warranty it would have been nice to have two of them), but unfortunately same behavior of the phone with the new battery.
I do not believe its a broken usb-connector. I experienced this with my FP1 and it was different.

With the new battery I was able to start the phone for a short time and I did a reset (Fabrikzustand, dont know the english word). The update 1.4.2 remained and the phone does not charge, but gets very quickly very hot ( with the new battery)
I am pretty sure that I have to send in my FP2 @anon48893843

Or could it be a software issue? If so, anyone could give me advise? Perhaps I can give a little rest to poor support:slight_smile:
thank you

Still no answer for my request #113847
touchscreen still not working.
I’ve tried the #touchscreentest but still not responding !
I received my FP in spetember 2014 … still on warranty ?
Thanks !! @anon48893843