Support request not answered yet

oh, i forgot, the problem with the bluetooth is exciting since the last TWO Updates…:-((

Hey, in order to keep some oversight we need to follow processes. So if you create a ticket and let me know the ticketnumber I can get things moving for you.

Hey, sorry for our late reply. I sent you an email yesterday!

Hey, I’m going to make sure someone gets back to you on this Monday! Sorry for the long wait.

How do I create a ticket?

Go to this site, scroll down, and "send a question."
There you’ll also find a phone number in case you need immediate support.

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And it does not charge anymore.

Thanks for the ticketnumber. We will be in touch today, sorry for the wait!

Same bad experience for me. Message send 12 days ago (ticket number 110698) and no answer yet.
My screen has lost sensibility on about one and a half centimetre on its right side. I have big difficulties to answer calls and even to log on by confirming my pin number (valid button on the very side of this dead area).
A friend of mine, who try to improve the environmental and social impact of his enterprise, wanted to buy the fairphone 2 as a pro and private phone. But he gave up the idea according to the lack of reactivity of the support.
I hope fairphone will improve this fast by strengthening its support’s team @anon48893843 and bring me and all other customers a rapid answer to their problems, so that I could advise my friend again to buy a fairphone.

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RE: 107541

Hi Michiel, I arranged a pick up for yesterday (27th June) with the courier. However, as far as I know, no courier arrived to pick up my FP2 and I have not heard anything regarding the pick up. My repair portal page is no different, with the ‘pick-up date’ still showing as yesterday,

Please assist @anon48893843

I have tried it that way on May the 17th and till this day I still haven’t
got a respond. When I called the number the first time they didn’t pick up.
When I called today I listened to the background music for half an hour and
didn’t get responds.

So my question is: could you please give some real help now. I’m running
out of patience and my opinion about Fairphone is running below freezing

Hey, I will find out what is going on and get back to you. Greets, Michiel

Hey, I see my colleague Philippe has sent you a message this morning. Thanks for your patience! Michiel

Thanks for that, Michiel.

Hey, we want to help you out the best way we can, both by increasing the capacity of the team and improving our efficiency. This takes time however! In any case, I’ll make sure you will receive a response from us today.

Thanks! Today they picked up the fp and i hope it will be back soon, because i actually cannot mis it. Hope it will be fixed soon…

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I created the defect #110026 already 17 days ago… i put 3 reminders and still no news!
I really like the fairphone concept, but i also need a working smartphone…

Please help @anon48893843.

Hallo Michiel, after one reply the request (#101129) has again gone into coma.
Thanks and greetings, Werner

I asked for the help of a colleague, but he didn’t respond. My apologies, I will answer right now!

#108460 (one month now) I’m in need to get the money from my canceled order back. You can close it, if it happens in the next days. Am just worried a bit. (I guess that’s understandable.)Thanks and all the best. @anon48893843