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Hi @anon48893843, finally I’ve also managed to find this thread. I’m waiting for almost 2 months now, having a completely broken phone lying around, without even getting an answer to my request. Like so many people before me already wrote, I completely support the idea of Fairphone and I can understand that it’s hard to answer so many requests timely but this kind of waiting time simply isn’t acceptable anymore. I hope this post finally speeds things up - altough I’m not happy about the fact that I have to post here to get things going. I’ve waited patiently for a very long time just to see here that people waiting a lot shorter get their requests answered before mine because they found this thread earlier. That’s not the way to go.

Anyways, my request number is: #105296.


Hey, if you can give me the ticket number to your request, I will look into a solution!

Hey Simon, I have just sent you a reply. Sorry for the long wait!

Apologies for the long wait, a reply to your message has just been sent.

Hey, thanks for your understanding, it is genuinely appreciated. And apologies for the late reply. I have just sent you a message!

Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind words. And sorry for replying so late - I see however that my colleague Sebastian did so this afternoon. We’ll get you a working device as soon as possible!

Hey, apologies for replying so late to your message, I just replied!

Hey, just replied to your message.

Hey Andi, I completely agree with you this is not acceptable support. We are continuously working on improvements, but we also run into difficulties. In any case, we try hard to talk to as many people as possible. I’ve just sent you a reply to your request.

it has passed more than a month and still have the same problem with the screen…

The support not answered #110767 @anon48893843


I know, that you have a lot of support requests lately & that you already try to improve your Support. But my microphone broke down & I wrote a support request on the 24th of July, but still didn’t get a reply. The thing is, that I can’t make a decent phone call since almost three weeks now. It is just working when I am on speaker, which makes calling somebody in public really annoying. (Everybody looks at me as if I don’t know how to use a phone properly, haha.^^)

I really like my Fairphone & don’t want any other phone, but I’m also not able to make a decent phone call. I’m also leaving for China on the 05th of August & it would be great, if my phone is fixed until then. I hope that the support team contacts me soon, @anon48893843. My Ticket Number is #112384.

Thanks for your help!

Best wishes from Austria,

Okay - I’ve got two Ticket numbers: The first was a month ago. That was, when the left side of my sceen stopped working: It was #109979.
More urgent though is my recent request: My beloved Fairphone 2 broke completely! Doesn’t work at all :scream: 16 days ago I wrote to the support… No answer as yet… Ticket number is #112464 @anon48893843.

Hi, my FP2 has been unusable for over 2 months now, multiple chargers and attempts and charging without battery then adding battery then leaving overnight etc etc as you can see I’m pretty frustrated. No reply from my support request on 3rd May.Support number #102787. Also the camera wasn’t focussing before this happenned. Really I just want to send the phone back for repair/replacement as I have exhausted what I can do at home and have already wasted money buying two new cables/chargers, plus trying our friends and my dad’s and in a car and from a computer etc.
Please help me @anon48893843
Thank you

after my phone fell to the ground and the screen broke, I ordered a replacement screen. It shipped fast, but unfortunately it did not work. The problem: ghost touch inputs on the left side of the screen, totally unusable, as I could not even unlock the phone.
Exactly 1 month ago I tried to contact the support, because I was unsure how to proceed. No response so far. Right now I’m getting used to a cracked screen.

It would be nice to have at least an estimate on support times, because 1 month is anyway to high.

If someone’s willing to look at it: #109804 @anon48893843 perhaps?

Thanks in advance!


I sent a request to the support team on the 25th of May (and two new messages on the 15th of June and the 1st of July to know if they had the time to look at my problem), but I still do not have any news.
Here is my request ticket number: #106762.

I really hope I can get an answer soon. @anon48893843 My phone is almost unusable.

Thanks a lot,



I sent a request to the support in May, my phone is still crashing multiple times a day since I got it half a year ago…

Ticket number is #106877

Looking forward for help @anon48893843

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I’ve submitted 3 tickets so far:

#99099 - 14th April
#106921- 26th of May
#115381 - 10th of July

I’ve had no reply to any of them so far and my phone is completely unusable and I had to stop using it.
I won’t get into how angry, disappointed and let down I feel with my Fairphone purchase and specially with the after sales service. @anon48893843

I wrote a support request on 24th of June about my FP2 not working anymore. It’s entirely dead and won’t respond to charging or the power button. I know your backlog is vast, but considering my phone is basically a brick at the moment, it would be nice to get some priority on it, if possible. My request number is #112490. Thanks in advance! @anon48893843

The situation with support is not acceptable.
I submitted a ticket (#112644) more than two weeks ago - no response.
Called several times - all lines are busy, please try again or send us an email.
That’s Kafkaesk.

In my case it’s the FP2 camera-module not focusing on QR-codes. This seems to be a common problem with bad modules. FP should just start a replacement-programm (fill-out form, get replacement) like they did with the blown batteries for the FP1.
This would take pressure from support and anger from customers.

Please, FairPhone (@anon48893843) , respond!


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Just wrote you Benjamin! Sorry for the late reply.