Support request not answered yet

Hey Bella, I can imagine phonecalls in public are not the nicest for you now! We will be in touch today. Thanks, Michiel

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Hi Margoe, apologies for us not getting in touch. I’m making sure you receive an answer today!

Hey Marco, I’m making sure we will provide you with an answer today!

Hey Nathanaël, sorry for not getting in touch. We will help you today!

Jan, I will answer your message today. Sorry it took us so long to answer! Greets, Michiel

Honestly? I have an open ticket (#106117) since almost two months without answer and in the forum I bump into a load of “Hey, thanks for your patience, I’m looking into it immediately” messages.
So here’s my “Hey, I’m waiting for ages without reaction” post, after you made me sign up for the forum separately to my existing FF customer account…

Hope to hear from you soon @anon48893843 , my Nickname’s not without a reason.


Hello, I can imagine that you are frustrated with us not answering (and about the fact that a separate account for the forum is needed). We do the best we can, but it is hard to keep up. In any case, I’m making sure you will be helped today.

Thanks a lot Michael! I appreciate your efforts :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity: Is there a reason why only the support requests posted in the forums are answered?

Hey, I’m going to make sure you receive a solution from us today!

Hey, thanks for your message, but you are mistaken: we are definitely not only answering support requests on the forum!

Hey Alex, my apologies that you had to go through the kafkaesk experience. I’ve seen that my colleague Gino has been in touch with you today. We are already running replacement programs for modules, which you will be a part of!

Hi, I have just replied to your message. We’ll make sure you have a working phone as soon as possible!

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Ah, then I got that wrongly. Does that mean you would have answered my request eventually, even if I had not posted here? Or basically that you are answering support requests from this post with priority?

Hello Hello,

I’ve already open a ticket #115500
I’m a bit stressed because I am on holidays and all my travel documents are on the phone

My phone suddenly stopped 2 days ago. It was charged at 98% and stopped without any reason.
I cannot switch it on again.

Of course, I’ve tried to remove the battery, sim cards, etc… but without any result.

Even if I plug it to the charger, there isn’t any light LED, red or green.
Plugged to a computer, nothing happen.

Unfortunately (for me !) a lot of documents were stored on the internal memory…

Thanks for your help @anon48893843


I’m waiting for over two month to get an answer back. (Request #106872) My Fairphone is dead and and I tried so many solutions from the forum, which aren’t working that I’m really annoyed. I even tried more than five chargers to ensure that this isn’t the problem. I really like this phone and the company but as an paperweight it is just to expensive :slight_smile:

Looking forward to an answer soon.

Yes, your request would have been answered eventually. We are trying to filter for messages which we think need priority, and we are also monitoring this forum thread for customers with severe problems.

Hello Etienne, I’m sorry to hear your phone stopped working on a holiday, that’s of course very inconvenient. I’m making sure we will help you today.

Hello Robert, our apologies for never replying to your message. I have just sent you a reply to make sure we will replace your device as soon as possible.

I see, thanks for that clarification! I’m sure you’re giving your best :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m very sorry to pile on to the complaints, and I fully understand how hard it is to keep up with all the support requests, but I’ve been having a serious problem with my Fairphone for over a month now. I tried to find out if it’s something I can fix myself, but it seems to be a very tricky mechanical issue that takes a lot of skill and the right tools to fix. So I put in a request for repair about 5 weeks ago (the ticket number is #108927) and I still haven’t heard back yet. It seems that posting this issue here often helps getting a quicker reply. Is there anything you can do, @anon48893843? I’ve been borrowing a friend’s phone for the time being, but I’d really like to have my Fairphone up and running again.
Thanks in advance and best wishes