STL/CAD file wanted for FP4 back cover

i was wondering if it would be possible to get an stl/and/or cad file of the back cover of the fair phone 4

i would love to not to wait for a replacement/ create a custom transparent backcover out of petg with no logo or my name /to show of the internals of the phone.

plus i think other people with 3d printers would also be intrested


Hi Welcome to the forum.

This is only a user forum, you may like to contact support@fairphone~dot~com and ask if they will give you an stl/cad file.

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Also for printing a customized case, it would be great. Ordered my first Fairphone 4 - and can’t find any cases / 3D models - did you hear something from Fairphone support?

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i havent maild them
hadnt had the time jet

i really thinkt they should share the cads /stl of the ff4 as
it could greatly help with the life of the phone if people can design 3rd party modules
like a 5000 mah battery (one of the reasons a stl/cad of the back could be realy awsom) -or a different usb connector. -diy backplates .etc etc
the electronic diy community is gonna love this phone if they did so

you should mail them about it 2
wild do so myself
so that they wil now how much intrest their is

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Once you have an FP4 maybe it could be measured and replicated ??


Yes, it was done so for the FP3 by a user:


Hi ilco3, I did and will let you know if I receive an answer. Bye Michael

Received an answer. They are looking into, if they can make the files public… I hope so, this would be great.