Fairphone 3D printing Dummy

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Hey Ho,

I just got my Fairphone an hour ago :stuck_out_tongue:
And for the Purpouse of making Cases and other Stuff for it, I made a 3D Dummy

Keep in mind, I handmeasured it with my Mitutoyo Absolut, but it should be fitting within ~0,1mm
I’m not sure if I’m allowed to Upload a Zip file U_u
For now I Dropped it at Thingiverse




So … first Prototype Done…

If you want to make your own case …
Wait a bit, there are some mistakes in my measurements

The Fingerprint dot on the back and the mics on top and bottom are a bit off


Well done! That looks awesome.
It would be most awesome if there were an open spot around the Fairphone logo as it is like around the camera and the fingerprint sensor.
There is no reason to hide having a Fairphone. What do you think?

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Oh … Right O_o
I didn’t think about that

I’ll add that to my Dummy and the Case as I release it :slightly_smiling_face:

The Font is Wrong but the Dimensions should be alright :slight_smile:


This looks great, really nice idea! 3D printing is something that still haven’t had a chance to get into, but sure looks promising… pardon my ignorance in this topic, but may I ask what ‘other stuff’ are you planning to do? Maybe a back support for the case to watch videos, or some sort of ‘hook’ for a securing wrist band or something?

I think I’d only leave the FAIRPHONE lettering free (not the slogan on the battery), but perhaps add 1-2 mm around the opening and give it rounded corners. :slight_smile:

By the way, I love the “net” structure on the back, great approach to keep the transparency look :+1:

So, done with Iteration 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

The cutout for the “Fairphone” Lettering is just as high but 2 mm left and right.


I’ll try to add a Kickstand to my Case somehow, but I don’t have any solide Plans for that by now.
The Future Projects are:
a Car cradle to attach my Fairphone
Tripod/“Gopro Style” Mount

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Looks great, almost as if it was metal. :slight_smile: Can you show it on the FP3 (front + back)?

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Tonight yes, I don’t have a dedicated Camera and just the Fairphone :stuck_out_tongue:
But I ask a Friend to take the Picture