Speaker, microphone don't work after i pulled out my headphones


So I have a problem with my headphone jack, as soon as I take my headphones out my microphone and the speaker just don’t work anymore (seems like the system still thinks there are headphones connected). I need to reboot my phone that it works again.

Did anyone had a similar problem? And any solutions?




I know exactly the same problem with my 2 weeks old Fairphone 3.
I hope someone have a solution.

Thanks to him.


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Did you already has the possibility to update to FP3 A.0110?
This update is roll out randomly.
Perhaps this update solves your problem


yes, I’m on that version…

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You might be affected by an audio issue Fairphone is currently working on to fix:

Until then, the reboot seems the only known workaround right now.


I think I’ve got the same problem, but will look into it a bit more. I’ve had my phone since early November, and twice in that time the speaker has stopped working and a reboot has fixed it. I have unplugged headphones many times without issue, but the last time (yesterday) that I had to reboot my phone, it was right after using headphones. I’m on security patch level: 5th January 2020.

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I have my FP3 since last week’s Wednesday and noticed the problem on Tuesday.
A reboot fixed it and as JimboX I’ll try to pin down the circumstances under which it happens.
Today I first stopped playback before taking out the speakers but between getting the phone and noticing the problem I’m quite sure I simply unplugged the speakers a couple of times (and thus stopping playback indirectly).

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I have received my FP3 this week and noticed the problem today.
The current installed Version is the 0110 5.1.2020.
A reboot fixed the problem which the headphones caused.
Today I was playing the music and took out the headphones expecting that the speakers of the FP3 would continue playing the music as it should be normal,
but unfortunatly the “taking out” stops the playback indirectly and no sound any more.

Please, what kind of update should we expect in Q1: Firmware, Software, Hardware?
Q1 means before end of March?
How can we know when the Update is ready?
Are we going to get a message about it ?
Thank you.

Is it really normal that the playback is supposed to continue when taking out the headphones?
I’d be super annoyed by that and didn’t have it with my previous Fairphones 1 & 2. Admittedly, I don’t remember if I had to toggle some setting to achieve this behaviour or if it was default.


I have seen that by other Smartphones, not FP and was expecting something similar.
I do not remember if i have to configure something, but i suppose not and it was probably default behaviour.

By the way, it seems there is another Topic about this issue:

Headphone audio issue

It’s not only the music playback that is not repeating, phone calling doesn’t work either. I experienced this issue today. Was listening to music while connected to the (Fairphone) headset and disconnected because I actually had missed a phone call since for some other reason the ringtone didn’t sound through the earphones. When I disconnected the earphones, and then I received another phone call, the phone didn’t ring - I saw the notification of the incoming call - answered the call, but I couldn’t hear the other person on the line. Re-inserting the earphones didn’t help either. Only a restart “fixed” this. Has anyone heard or seen this issue on other Android 9 devices?


Hello here,

I’ve the same issue. The only way to fix it is a reboot of the phone…
I tried to find the Android processus to only kill an rerun this one and not the phone itself … but I found nothing so far…

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There is another topic, I have the same problem, it isn’t fixed yet (on my phone).
audio issue


I have the same issue!

Why is there no bug report?

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You mean a bugtracker? Because Fairphone decided so.

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Ok, thanks. I disagree.

For me as a customer a bugtracker would be extremely helpful. So workarounds could be much faster available and viewable.


Respectfully disagree. A bug tracker is not about workarounds or fixes. And for non-technical people it does not even add any additional transparency IMHO.

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I find those things rather essential for a bugtracker. And usually nobody forces non-technical people to use a bug tracker.


I have the same issue, sound stops working sometimes after unplugging headphones.

And that includes the mic. After restarting I realized a video I had recorded came with no sound :unamused:

Looks like the phone believes headphones are still in.

I had it for the first time yesterday, it couldn’t be convinced I’d taken headphones out. Can be proven by pushing headphones in and out and seeing if music playing apparently continues but doesn’t actually - it should pause on removal of headphones