Headphone audio issue

I have an issue with playing music, my music is on high quality .FLAC files and after a few songs, the playback stops, and if i try to skip songs it makes a static sound and can only be resolved by force restarting the music player, I have tried 2 music players and they both have the same issue.

I thought maybe that the music being on the SD card was the issue, and it couldnt access it fast enough, but this is not the case, I transferred it to internal storage and still the same effect. I have rebooted and still the same issue occurs. Help!


Could you try the app VLC?

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I have the same issue: static sound when skipping Songs. I have to reboot the Phone. Music stored as mp3 on the SD card.

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Does it also occure if you use a bluetooth speaker?
Yesterday I used the FP3 with spotify for hours on my bt speaker. No issues at all.
Would be interesting to know if this only occure with corded headphones.


looks like it doesn’t occur on retro music player on google play (it is open source.) I think it has something to do with gapless playback, try this if anyone else has the same issue, its not retro btw it actually looks really modern.


Would you mind clarifying if this occurred on Bluetooth or 3.5 mm headphones?

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On my Phone it only happend with 3,5 mm headphones.


Same thing here, with podcasts (mp3s) in a podcastplayer. 3.5 mm headphones. Have not tried without.

A podcast plays fine. As it finishes, and the next podcast in the queue starts (no active skipping), I get a static sound. It is resolved by restarting the phone. After restart, the mp3 that caused the problem plays all fine.

Not sure if it is related, but this morning, I made a call (without headphones). The call went through, but there was no sound (on my end). After 3 attempts, I restarted the phone, retried, and again we had two way communication. I have also had problems with sound (no sound) in a browser (no headphones).

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I just had the issue again. I deativated gapless play in all Players: music, spotify, antenna pod. But it happend, (with the 3,5 mm headphones.) When I paused the music (it does not depend on how I do it: on the phone or on the headphones), and wanted to start it again, the statis sound apears. And it stays, whether I use a different player or I put the headphones jack out and in again. I have to restart the phone.
And when I pause the music again, and unpause it, the static sound apears. I will open a support file with fairphone.


Same problem.
Spotify with 3,5 mm Jack Headphones Static Sound Bluetooth works fine.

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I’ve tried to verify this issue, when I came across another one:

I hear a continuous static sound when the device is plugged into the power socket with the official charger, while I have 3.5mm headphones (some old Marley earplugs from 2014) plugged in as well.

That sound is nothing to special as all chargers today are switching mode power supplies. Most phones have a quiet sound while charging. My S5 do have it also.

Putting my 3.5 mm plug inside the FP3 socket also causes a loud, high-pitched pop (tested without connected to USB-C). I’ve had this issue on other devices with 3.5 mm in past, and sure it is minor, but for some people such things are important.

As for the issue with the continuous static sound while it is plugged in with power socket (with official charger plus cable). I’ve just verified my FP2 with magnetic TOPK charging cable on USB hub does not have this issue. I don’t remember any (smart)phone having this issue, except for 2G interference with speakers/headphones and CRT monitors. Also, my FP2 does not make that high-pitched pop when I plug it in.

My FP3 is currently too powered up to conduct any charging related experiments on it, and my ears are currently very sensitive due to inflammation. So I need to retest, and N=1.

Same “problem” here … even with the display constantly on with some streaming video it takes hours to seriously get the battery down for testing … I’m not used to this yet :slight_smile: .

Have tried the FP3 with three different audio jacks and no headset did work. It just could not recognize it.

I’ve even tried the internal testing app (in the developer mode settings) and it says “No headphone connected”.

I finally got my FP3 last Monday - after having the delivery delayed, so the “audio issue” could be fixed. Using only BT headphones and the speaker, the whole week went flawless audiowise - but unfortunately the speakers have started to inexplicably mute from time to time now. When and why seems quite mysterious. E.g. on Instagram an Instastory video might play with sound while durig the same session a video on my Instagram timeline is muted (even though I visibly turned up the volume) or vice versa.

It seems I can revive the sound by switching to my music app (PowerAmp) and then start and stop and start a song again.

I have no idea why this behaviour started after four flawless days and certainly hope it can be fixed with an update - as at least this “audio issue” seems to not have been fixed by revising the latest batch of the phones.

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I’m in the same case, audio dissapear for no reason :man_shrugging:

It happened on 3.5mm headphones, however i have not attempted it via bluetooth

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My new FP3 works normally - I got one at the beginning of november. I use the audioplayer poweramp and only flac. Headphones are KEF M200. All works fine. For me it seems, that the FP3 has a much better sound as my old FP2.

I also had the audio issue, but all of a sudden it started working again.

I also got a tip from the support how to run a service test on the earphones.

  • Open the Phone App

  • Dial *#*#66#*#* in the same way you are entering a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears showing you three sub-menus.

  • Select Service tests > Test Single

  • Press Earphone .

  • Plug in the earphones to run the test. Once the earphones are inserted, you should hear a pre-recorded track. If you cannot hear it, that means it is not working correctly. To stop the test, tap Back navigation key. Choose FAIL or PASS accordingly.