LED notifications do not work

There isn’t this option on my phone

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I can confirm this behavior on my FP3 too.

Led are functional (Developer options, last entries ‘Service Menu’, Service tests, Test Single, Flash LED test, red, green and blue are functioning).

But I don’t have any blink for notifications, just the sound. I also try the trick given by @AnotherElk and no result so far.


I also can’t get the LED to work for notifications. I really hope there will be a fix for this soon…
Edit: LED also works fine as charging indicator and in the test application in the developer options

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@Monica.Ciovica I think it’s time to create a bugtracker for the FP3 software.


LED problems are a good old Fairphone tradtion scnr

But I don’t think that you will find a solution in this old thread, as long as you don’t have root rights

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Hi Paula, for the time being we are monitoring and quantifying any the issues that are reported via the customer support form/calls. The bugtracker we created for FP2 had issues we tested and confirmed. It’s too soon to create such a format for FP3 - and the process in itself might be different this time - with regards to reporting.
As I see in this thread, there are 3 mention off this LED issue and I encourage all to contact customer support with this information.


since Tuesday l‘m a proud owner and user of the FP3 (supplied by Digitec/CH).
Basically everything works fine, except the LED notifications. When charging, the LED (red/green) works. But with mails, WhatsApp messages and other apps nothing happens, even though the settings are made that way.

A support contact form for the Fairphone 3 can currently be found here (just choose Fairphone 3 as your model) …



+1 here (LED notify not working)


Official response from the support team:

For the Fairphone 3, the LED options are only dedicated to charging statuses. It is unfortunately not a feature to assign LED colors to notifications or other statuses.

I have trouble to believe that it can’t be link to notifications through software level, and I find this very VERY disappointing…


@NicoM I believe either you or the support member you talked to misunderstood the issue being discussed here. This topic is about LED not working at all for notifications, not about assigning different colors to LED notifications.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the support team answer.

I think the answer is pretty clear:

LED options are only dedicated to charging statuses

So, it is not a bug to not have LED notifications. It is just not present on FP3.

I never ask the support about how to change color or anything, I just said that I have an issue with my FP3, that on notification I only have sound, and no LED, but LED are functional with battery status.

Really bad news imho.


I think it is indeed you that misunderstood. The support confirms that the LED is not supposed to blink to notify New messages or other notifications.

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But what’s the point in having an LED when you can’t use ot for notifications. Always activating the screen to see if there is anything new isn’t that great at all.


Honestly: in this case Fairphone can keep its crap! :nauseated_face:

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They are saying they went through the trouble to put in a LED but then decided to not let it be use for notifications?! That sounds… super weird… :flushed:


I agree the lack of such feature is a bummer but is it such a huge dealbreaker?

Everyone has their priorities.

That sounds like the software is rushed/ not finished to me.
Should be interesting whether they set up a public bugtracker for the Fairphone 3, too.


It sounds to me like the LED is due to a hardware limitation only able to be used as a charging status. If it were merely a software limitation, the reply would be “we are aware of the issue and will look into it.” The gist of the current quoted reply is WONTFIX.


I could understand a “we’ll fix it when we have time”, but just plain WONTFIX is absolutely bizzare to me. it’s a huge missing standard feature to me.

Also, I don’t see how it could be a hardware limitation if the testing app can turn it on just fine.:thinking: