Some Fairphone 6 ideas

I recently heard about the fairphone 5 and I really liked the fact that you can replace the parts yourself if it breaks and that it is supported by software for a long time.

Which I personally would like to see in the next Fairphone 6:

  • 120Hz OLED display 6.7 inches, 1000nit
  • smaller bezels
  • better processor
  • better camera
  • bigger battery

What you guys think?


And what are you willing to pay for all this?

So FP5 is not even shipped to someone, and already its not good enough🙄


I was about to like @yvmuell sarcastic comment because it was a little funny but come to think of it I feel Fairphone did miss an opportunity to do a tiny bit more, certainly not complaining because I think the Fairphone 5 is a great mobile choice in the market.

Unlike OP suggests the team did improve the screen tech, the team did improve the design of the bezel as you can around the camera, the team did implement a bigger battery which combined with an energy-efficient screen should technically last longer, I’m not overly fussed with the camera as long as it’s relatively good but the team did also implement better cameras all-round, so the Fairphone 5 was updated with the latest tech and specification in the industry. As for the processor, it is so rare and hardly ever done in the industry where a processor is chosen out of principal as oppose to implementing what is the edge solution; lets face it, we’re all going to have to realise and should have already realised by now that the edge processors on mobiles are so unnecessary, so I think the teams’ choice in the processor and the net-benefit it will have long-term, quite literally, is great, fabulous actually :slight_smile:

Where I feel Fairphone did miss out is re-introducing the same Green and Speckled Green colours on the “4”, although honestly I think the Sky Blue “5” would be most peoples favourite. My other only gripe is the size of the phone, I realise you may not have been able to implement the slightly larger battery but I think the energy savings from the screen tech as well as other internal tech could have matched the “4” energy duration if that make sense.

One thing I am a little stumped by is how the team managed to shave off 13 grams off the predecessor with all the improvements :face_with_monocle:


There wasnt anything sarcastic in my comment


Voicing one’s opinions what the focus of the future development of a Fairphone should be, and simply complaining that the new Fairphone is not good enough are two pairs of shoes though. The first one can be quite constructive if people have an honest discussion about it, and of course it’s always gonna be a matter of opinion and usecase, but I don’t think immediately rolling one’s eyes and shutting that down is the way to go. There is gonna be a Fairphone 6 at some point, and fundamental design decisions are made rather early on in the process, so I do see some value in having good-faith discussions about where the ship should sail next.

As for my main wish for the next Fairphone, I’d like to see cross-generational battery support (in terms of formfactor) and compatible interfaces wherever possible. That way battery- and phone-sales could be detached, reducing waste due to battery-reuse and making capacity a matter of choice.


Totally agree, though I do understand where the sentiments of the moderator could be coming from; the Fairphone 5 isn’t officially out of pre-order yet though some people are receiving theirs and there’s some, honestly really just one person that was essentially asking for things the Fairphone 5 is going to be equipped with :smile:, perhaps they never came across it.

Maybe the moderators can have a look at and check out their side panel, it could give the members some ideas as to how to manage users/customers issues and feedback more better, not that I think the current system is bad because the ‘Category’ list on is well informed.

The battery concept is really interesting @AndreasChris I’ve never thought about it like that before. So essentially creating a AAA battery like uniformity where by the Li-polymer battery is standardised on Fairphones of the future so it can technically expand i.e increase energy capacity as the users chooses, in turn I suppose selling a much more cost effective phone would be an option seeing as a user could possibly de-select batteries from the checkout page or is just simply sold without a battery and a user has to select it alongside the phone.


That for sure the FP6 will be better than the FP5. I think we can all agree on that. But it will be a few years before we’ll have a FP6. So maybe check what the trends are 2 years from now? :nerd_face:


I can’t get that battery idea out of my head now :grin: I suspect the only/one caveat would be the batteries of the future Fairphones would have to be designed in a rectangular cell fashion so it can attach side-by-side inside the device without wasting space yet still being able to utilize the phone with simply just one cell inside. If the best battery size in a Fairphone is around 4200 mAh right now, halving that would mean two 2100 mAh batteries will have to be sold, again sold separately of course. I suspect the phone will also charge faster as well because of this fact.

I’d be curious as to what a senior member of the team thinks about this.

IIRC Miquel Ballester said in some video/interview that the FP5 took 1.5 years in developing. So if the release cycle stays at 2 years, the next design/planning phase is about to start in 6 months. That isn’t too far in the future :slight_smile:

Overall progress in smartphone development IMHO is somewhat slower than it used to be, so apart from the obvious incremental (small) improvements, right now the idea to get some compatibility between FP6 and FP5 could be a good wish for next steps. Being able to use the same battery does sound quite appealing.


Something tells me the Fairphone 6 will have a faster CPU, bigger battery and more RAM.

Seriously though, how do they expect people to buy into this whole sustainability hype if the Fairphone 5 's planned obsolescence is clearly designed into the specs?

Asking because there are aspects of the phone I do like, but if the specs are already mediocre by today’s standards then how is the phone supposed to last another 2-3 years let alone 5-10 years

I don’t think it will be such a thing. My old PC is still in use by my parents, it’s about 15 years old. It’s still snappy. At some point the hardware is pretty much sufficient to run a basic operating system and application needs. I think we already arrived at that point for high end mobile hardware a few years ago. I think by now the same accounts to “mediocre” or mid range mobile hardware.

My Pixel 3 is to this day still one of the most smoothest phones I ever used. I don’t use it daily anymore, but I sometimes still tinker with it. It’s really great. If I could’ve use that phone longer than I would. By now that phone would be 5 years old. And I would still be impressed by it.

Now let’s compare the benchmarks as far as they are known for the FP5 and compare that to the Pixel 3.

Pixel 3 versus Fairphone 5
Pixel 6a versus Fairphone 5

For me that’s awesome to see! Of course Google is a wizard in terms of software optimization. But I suppose it will be fine for the FP5 in any case. Anyway, this is also off topic, sorry about that.


Not sure why you’re comparing it to the Pixel 6A when there’s already a Pixel 7, which as you would know, is both faster and cheaper than the FP5… Anyway, this is becoming a pointless nature and extent debate.

If they’re charging top dollar they need to be using top specs (or at least high end specs). Frankly, the sustainability story itself isn’t worth an extra $500 to anyone. This may sound harsh but it’s the truth.

I do like the modular design and support from Calyx/Graphene.

Not worth for you and worth for me. So no your truth is not mine.


For me the extra was for sustainability, fair trade, extra wages.
I can accept with this extra, also if my FP is not the nonplusultra.


It seems it is exactly what Fairphone did in choosing the best SoC among those with 5 years support by Qualcomm.


Suggestions for next release (assuming you are looking for a larger client base)

  1. Dual USB-C (one for charging, one for devices such as keyboards, external drives, external cameras, special hardware etc)
  2. Cameras with longer leads (so re-boxing and placing cameras at 90 degrees is possible)
  3. capability of extending the battery (to 5x size… or flight limit for shipment…90Wh if I recall)

Why: to use in industrial settings: instrumentation, kiosks etc.
Each instrument has different requirements, and a device such as this would answer the call of many integrators.

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I like helping people too, but personally I would rather feed an entire African village for $500 than donate it to a phone company

This is interesting if true

You know the saying “everything before the but is a lie”? You like helping but…

As there is nothing like " the truth" you are free to think and feel this, although it does not mean anyone else need to feel/think the same


So are you hired to perform any meaningful work or just get defensive and attack potential customers when they give feedback?