Will there be a FairPhone 4+ or FairPhone 5+?


Will there be a FairPhone 4+ or FairPhone 5+ :interrobang:
This would have two benefits: :v:

:one: The ability to freely replace modules, experiencing the joy of partial upgrades. :tada:
:two: Compatibility of parts between FairPhone 4 and FairPhone 4+, extending the supply of parts.
With 5 years of parts supply for FairPhone 4 and an additional 5 years for FairPhone 4+, the total would be ten years. :sparkler:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think there are two challenges to overcome when it comes to long support: One thing is for sure keeping spare parts in stock. And if you are going to produce a new batch that is better in some aspects than the previous ones, why not? It’s development effort and if a new batch of spare parts can be produced without that it saves that effort. But that alone doesn’t make a long support period. Software is a very important aspect here: If it’s getting more and more difficult to write updates around a not anymore supported chipset it doesn’t help to have spare parts available. The FP5 has a guaranteed long support period for its chipset, so that’s good already. Upgrading individual parts is then probably only a nice thing to have but not necessary for a long support span.


I agree with your viewpoint. Regardless of whether there is a FairPhone 4+, FairPhone is already good enough. :grinning:

While FairPhone 4+ can attract more users, challenges still exist. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you :heartpulse:

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We have already many discussions about module upgrades etc and I would kindly ask to follow-up in one of those and will close here