Why did Fairphone scrimp on colour choices when it came to the Fairphone 5?

I thought the Speckled Green and the Green colour on the Fairphone 4 look great. I think it would be a pity if they were phased out with the 4 so maybe the team could consider bringing them on 5 when you manufacture more due to demand and even on version 6 when you introduce it. I think to distinguish the phones, perhaps the team could Include the version of the phone i.e 4, 5, 6 next to the logo Fairphone on the back of the mobile.

I think it goes without saying that most people would prefer not to purchase a case, I am of that group and think it just makes the overall phone more bulky and defeats the purpose of the original industrial design, aesthetic and original colour of the phone, so please don’t recommend a phone case :slight_smile:

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And sadly the transparent cover doesn’t show much anymore besides the battery and some logos.

This was looking better on the FP2 where you could see the cards and some other stuff on the back of the phone.

Just checked my phone: The main thing that is visible from the backside is white plastic. Okay, there is that white connector that was never used, but otherwise? It catches attention in both cases, some antennas are visible, too. I’m not disappointed. And having different colors from generation to generation is a way to distinguish them, so why not?

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That was exactly was I thought before I tripped, fell and had a scratched FP4 :confused:. Luckily the screen didn’t break.

Okay :wink:

I can be sad about what I not have or be thankful for the options I have. How I feel is my decision.

And to phrase my feelings: I’m quite irritated about all those posts what is missing before someone has even used the phone for 1 minute.


Nothing to be irritated or sad about by Yvonne, look above they’re mostly comments by long supporting Fairphone users/customers and I’m likely going to be one of those soon because I like the “5”, I like the Sky Blue colour, actually adore it, especially for a phone that is designed to principally last longer given the processor the team brilliantly chose, the colour is a perfect choice for the “5” that would be used long-term. I just implied and suggested that given that the phone is brilliantly going to be around (market & users’ hands) for a while, when the decision to manufacture more than you have currently allocated, perhaps one or two special edition versions could also be manufactured alongside the Sky Blue with the same housing as the two greens on the “4”.

You’ll probably have checked out my comments on - Some Fairphone 6 ideas by now where stipulate this further :slight_smile:


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