Fairphone, from past to future

So you got every single Fairphone model since the FP2 in order to replace your previous (working) one? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of a repairable phone? What did you do with your old ones?

As for ideas regarding future products:

About the Fairphone 6 specifically there’s a whole thread discussing potential features already:

As for the TWS Fairbuds, I’m currently looking for a way to replace the batteries in those…

…which leads me to the main issue I see with the TWS Fairbuds:
Unfortunately with due to the nature of how TWS earbuds work, they have very small batteries in conjunction with an extraordinarily high number of charge cycles due to re-charging every time you insert them into the case. Also they’re usually stored at 100% charge. All of this leads to a very quick degradation of the earbuds’ batteries. So if there are any future TWS Fairbuds at all, I would definitely want them to have replacable batteries in the earpieces (even more so than the one in the case). And if that isn’t possible in a ‘modular’ manner, I’d at least like to see Fairphone sell the lithium ion cells they used, so that tech-savy people can solder them in once the old ones have degraded too far. (Of course the best advice in terms of sustainability would still be to stick with different kinds of headphones.)

Yeah, that one’s covered by the Framework guys. Also repairability is a little bit better than with mobile devices (although not great) with other laptops as well. Probably better to stick with mobile products for Fairphone, in order not to loose focus and end up with lower quality products due to the same resources being needed for too many things at once.
That argument goes for other product lines (such as tablets) as well though. Fairphone’s already struggling with issues mostly rooted in their comparatively small size as a company. I’m not exactly against them producing a repairable tablet, but I deem the mobile phone projects more important for now and don’t want those to suffer because of other product lines.