Software update: FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905 | Upgrade to Android 13

Hi everyone,

Fairphone 4 is catching up to the rest of the pack and getting Android 13!
The update will start rolling out on Monday.

Software Version: FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905
Security Patch Level: 5th of August, 2023
Update size (from previous version): 851 MB

List of changes:

Introducing Android™ 13:

  • Your Fairphone. Your style.
    Customize your phone to your personal style. With themed app icons, you can set apps and more to match your phone’s wallpaper tint and colors. Choose your style in SettingsWallpaperWallpaper & style.
  • New media controls
    Your music has never looked so good. Album artwork will now be on full display and features a dancing playback bar.
  • Language preferences per app
    Assign different language settings to individual apps, so you can move fluidly between languages on your device, just like in real life.

Resolved issues

  • Display Brightness: the brightness would sometimes suddenly drop to a very low level.
  • Home Screen: the search bar would sometimes disappear.

Other improvements

  • Privacy and security: You have more control over what information apps can and can’t access – including specific photos, videos and clipboard history.

If you have feedback or a question, post it below.

P.S. Customers of the following network providers will not receive this update. They will receive a security update for Android 12 shortly:

  • Orange France
  • Orange Belgium

Update 12-Oct by yvmuell as this important in my eyes and needs a warning:

Please see here in case you had a Custom ROM installed at one point.


Nice. That’s some exciting news! Also awesome to finally get the brightness Fix. Thanks! :smile_cat:


I suppose the FP4 gets the same software update that the FP5 already has. In that case this is not fixed, the At a Glance widget is indeed suppressed by the search bar, while a long press on the search bar still shows the At a Glance settings. Does FP see this as a feature, not a bug?


@Yasen_Tomov thanks for the update about the update.

@UPPERCASE do you mean that they are both present but only the search bar is visible, but if you long press you get the preferences for the At a glance widget?
It’s like the same behaviour of the actual version, before the search bar disappear.

The issue is that when the search bar is gone the At a glance is visible but not working.
It only shows the actual date and if you long press and change some preference it doesn’t save and reset to the default preferences.

As a workaround, if in the FP5 the search bar is fixed and doesn’t disappear, you can add the At a glance widget manually. Just below the search bar.
Not the most elegant solution but still.

I have allowed myself to add “Android 13” to the topic title because I think this is something everyone should see instantly. In addition, I have pinned this topic globally (until tuesday 8:00 am Amsterdam time). In the past, there have been Fairphoners pointing out they didn’t notice that an update was in fact a major Android upgrade which is why I find these moves appropriate. @moderators you have the last word. :slight_smile:


I know the workaround, but it’s clearly broken. The prestine Android way is to show the widget on top and the search bar at the bottom. The fact you get the At a Glance settings there where the search bar is says a lot about the intended setup. It seems to me FP fixed the wrong thing. The search bar should be at the bottom and the At a Glance should indeed be responsive by opening weather/calendar/etc.


Please don‘t mix up FP5 and FP4 in this topic and don‘t guess what might happen with a none existent update.


Yes, it’s what I suggested in the issue tracker, when I was in the beta program.
Search bar on the bottom and at a glance on top.
But we will see what happen when the update will be installed.
The brightness fix is the “big one”. :slight_smile:


Actually I wouldn’t say so, because with this update fp4 now has themed icon support while the fp5 does not.

I would assume this will be added in the next fp5 update along with the “at a glance” fixes.


Great news :star_struck: Android 13 and screen brightness fix, all I was waiting for until then ! (apart shorter security update delays in comparison with Google releases)
Many thanks Fairphone employees to make this happen :relieved::pray:

Unfortunately for me I use Orange France network, could some people publish their feelings about this major update in coming days ? And some screenshots if you find notable features/changes to share with community :star2: (new style menus for example :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I was sad about locked auto color picking since few mounths)
Thanks in advance ! :grinning:


It does, in your wallpaper settings on the FP5. It’s part of native Android.

Did anyone already get the update? And could you share your experience with it?


Oh WOW!!! This is Great! I wait for this Update :slight_smile: , thank you <3

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I just got the update and so far, everything runs like it should.
Thanks for the work :slight_smile:


Size as stated in the updater is 851 MB.


Here’s the for those who need it. :slight_smile:


Wish me luck… :smiley:



Just started the download, too…

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On a side note, congratulations:
Three generations of Fairphones now on the same (Fairphone OS) Android level at the same time! :+1:

A first, isn’t it? :thinking: