Software update: FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420

They made big promises to maintain updates for 3 years and OS updates in the beginning and then failed to keep up. And I don’t remember saying that Nokia,Pixel and Oppo had flagships in my post?

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Please stick to the topic here, which is the current update and not general update “behaviour” of Fairphone or even other companies.


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Fonts are also bigger than before with “display size” set to “large”. Seems like an improvement to me.

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They won’t be able to fix that with the default launcher. I had the very same behavior on my old LG V30 running PixelExperience based on Android 12. This is the behavior Google wants and IMHO you can only change that by using a different launcher.

I use(d) Nova for many years , now so the decision was pretty easy for me. :wink:


A bit late this time, but here is the usual link to the for those that need it.
Have fun :nerd_face:


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Thats not new to Android 12, so I’m wondering what changed for Piramidon, is it rather the at a glance issue, which is neither new to this update?

@Piramidon if you dont need the Google App, deactivting this removed the search bar since Android 12 (guess thats because of the at a glance bug, so no solution forever)

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If you have a problem with the car, you don’t solve the problem directly by buying a second car.

It’s a workaround at best, but not the solution to the problem.


It is more like when you own a Mercedes Benz and you do not like the star logo in the front grill. Hard to fix that.

The Google search is part of what Google thinks a launcher from Google should have. If you do not like it, you will have to use another launcher, that is not provided by Google.


I must have misunderstood something, I took it so seriously that this is a bug and not a feature. So did I misunderstand that?

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No update (I checked manually again this morning) for me. Fairphone bought in France but I’m currently in Iceland; I’m wondering if your actual location has an impact in receiving the updates ?

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An additional change I seem to notice is that the Google search bar is no longer getting replaced by “At a glance”. It stays in place beyond midnight (rather than turning into a pumpkin :wink: ) Further discussion here.
If you disable the Google app, then in place of the search bar you get the “At a glance” widget straight away (requires reboot).

I have posted this info here, because it’s about a change brought with the sw update.

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So if I understand correctly this update will enable the feature and I have no way of changing or disabling it?
Is there a way to downgrade my phone to the previous version?


I applied this update OTA and my FP4 rebooted a first time, did something in background, rebooted again and keeps on showing the fairphone animation in a loop.
I tried a reboot (through keys combination and then choosing to reboot on system), but I get the same behavior again.
Is there a way to get this small update of 71.25 MB and apply this last via ADB?
I wasn’t able to find this small update.

Any hint is welcome.



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Now that you mention it, I rather think that my phone, when “restarting” just turned off and I had to manually turn it on. Sounds like there’s a bit of a bug in the package. It might be an idea for those who’ve not yet done the update to hold off pending a check.

@dom72 I think you should #contactsupport preferably by phone tomorrow.

You speak of using ADB: is your bootloader unlocked?

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Since the update i have issues with playing videos (youtube, twitch) in fullscreen. They fall back to small portrait video mode after every 5 mins. I tried updating the apps and restarting the phone. Anyone else have this issue as well?

This update is really annoying.

Please don’t ship half assed things that mess with our user experience this much.

Having UI colors force tied to the wallpaper is insane and should never have reached any users.

This is gonna make me think twice about installing future updates which is bad because security updates. But when you tie security updates to disruption of the user experience that’s what happens.

Please hotfix this immediately and stop pushing the update, you are playing with fire here.

And please don’t merge this comment with the other threads, this is about Fairphone’s update policy in general, not just this issue.

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