The At a Glance widget shows only date and is randomly replaced by the Google search bar

Yes, there’s an option to set the search bar to “None”.
Here’s a screenshot with the Italian language, where “Nessuno” = “None”.

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Nice,because I don’tuse the search bar at all. But first I have to find this option in my settings. Can’t find this screen anywere.I there a Engelish version available?

Settings for “Home”. The fastest way to get there is to long-click on your screen’s background.

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Yes although answered, that’s why I installed Nova Launcher on receipt of my FP3 more than 2 years ago. Now I feel bad that you had to wait this long to see how easy it is to get rid of it.


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Don’t worry. It is fixed now

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Maddening! Google search bar always loads top of home screen up on start-up, but usually disappears at some point later in the day. Restart restores it temporarily. Totally baffling…

Yes. this had already been noted, see post #30 above.

For those interested, the “Search bar / At a glance” conundrum has been simplified in the latest update. If you disable the Google app, then in place of the search bar you get the “At a glance” widget straight away (requires reboot).

Search bar disappears after charging. Have to switch off and restart to get it back. Date not visible at all, or only as alternative to search bar. I want both on screen, preferably search bar at bottom and date at top.

That ship has sailed since FP4 got Android 12. Since then, for some reason, they decided to put both those immutable widgets on the exact same spot, and let them slug it out for who will finally gets it…
Through all of A12 till now, on my phone they killed each other leaving me with an inert search bar cadaver at that spot, but since the April update the combat resumed and one of them eventually wins.
Short version: There is not much we can do except changing launcher or waiting for a future update.

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Thanks Kurt, for that depressing news and clarification! All Fairphone says is ‘give us time, we are working on it’. Seems a very retrograde step…

It’s no doubt a forward step just not in the direction some people want to go.

  1. My daughters FP4 on the latest A12 doesn’t have this
  2. My FP3 on A13 use an alternate launcher (Nova)

What do you mean by that? Does one of the widgets actually work and stay there?

Yes there is only a stable search bar.

Weird. What happens if she long presses on it and selects Preferences? Does it open the Search widget preferences, or the At a Glance preferences?

OK I’ll check, but not soon.

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On mine (currently showing the search bar), long press opens “At a Glance” preferences. I don’t think there are any “search bar” preferences, you get asked on install which search engine you want to use, and that’s all, there are AFAIK no search preferences the user can change. :thinking:

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You can modify the color and few other things (open Google app → profile pic → Settings → Search widget). It still doesn’t change the fact that if there is to be a search bar, it shouldn’t open At a Glance preferences. So even if the search bar stays there for some people, it’s still broken.


Thanks, didn’t know that.
And what happens if during initial setup you have chosen some other search engine (DDG for instance)? Does the Google app still manage the widget? :astonished:

(I don’t dare check, in case Google takes it as an invitation to take over the widget again… Not that I have ever used it, I simply don’t see why on earth I would want to make Internet searches outside my web browser. In the same spirit I also don’t carry around a spare tire when I’m not using my car, but that’s just me. Anyway, just on principle I always select DDG and then hide it, when I can, or at least leave it alone.)

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You can go back to the selection menu at any time. It does require ADB though.

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Thanks, but that’s quite some caveat… Most people wouldn’t know how to, many wouldn’t dare, for fear of breaking something.

Good thing to know it’s possible though, even if it has been hidden away in the proverbial locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the leopard”… (HHG2G, if somebody wonders :grin:)

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