Software Update: 8901.4.A.0017.3-gms-15368f27

And others reported it only started AFTER the update… So maybe partially true.

Unfortunately the problem with call volume isn’t solved yet.

Received the update three days ago and Bluetooth volume and controls are working correctly again. That’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Since the last update I had problems with connectivity (my operator - Bouygues France - not giving IPv4 anymore), but I can’t test it now as I’m in roaming. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

Sadly tho, my phone started to restart wildly since the update. A couple of times the first two days and like 5 times in a row today. It happens both in my pocket and while using the phone after a little freeze. Anyone else having this issue? Suggestions?

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Nope! Do you have
a) an SD card formatted as internal
b) the Digital Wellbeing app enabled

Have you tried running in safe mode for a day?

Could be related to roaming? What APN roaming protocol is selected? Have you enabled VoLTE?

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Many thanks for the replies guys :hugs:

Ok so in order, I tried and the phone rebooted by itself shortly after:

  • Disable wellbeing app (never had issues with)
  • Safe mode. It rebooted as I tried to open the keyboard to reply to a SMS

About the APN and VoLTE advices:
The APN seem to work right, I’m using the same as before the update (IP4 on roaming). LTE Calling, if it’s the same as VoLTE, is not an option for Bouygues France.

Phone rebooted 6 times while writing this message :worried:

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Any chance this has nothing to do with the update and that the SIM is either not properly inserted, or faulty? Such could cause reboots. So does it happen when the SIM is out?

Edit: and yes LTE calling=VoLTE


Ok so little update…

During the night the phone was on WiFi, with data services enabled (but theoretically disconnected, right?). Phone rebooted at some point.

In the morning I disabled data services: both SIMs where in and in roaming, internet only on WiFi. Phone didn’t reboot.

Then I checked the APN settings and found out that a new APN appeared. I selected the old one and reactivated data services a couple of hours ago and since then no reboot (yet?).

I’ll update if the situation evolves. Thanks for the support everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Still experiencing a severly slowed down phone on random occasions, even with the new update.

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I had the same problem, the phone rebooting 2-3 times a week.

The support was investigating the problem and they wrote me there was something bad in the way the connection with my operator was managed. We were looking to better understand the problem when my company changed their phone operator and with the new one the problem disappeared. At that point we had to stop the investigation and never found the real solution.

However, meanwhile I had found a workaround…

Do you have two SIMs installed? If so, change the configuration of the SIM you DON’T use for data connection and set “network type” to 3G. In my case the reboots stopped.



After a week after the update I can say that sadly the Bluetooth problems I experienced after the previous update (the one this update should be a solution to) are still there.

The phone doesn’t connect automatically to the car Bluetooth and when I connect it manually it doesn’t send the recent call list. When I have to call a number I had already called ten minutes before I must look for it in the contacts list as the recent calls list is empty.

So… in my case this update didn’t solve anything


What is the car model ? Are you sure it uses the last version of the infotainment system ?

Ah thanks a lot.

In the meantime I came back home and I was about to say that the problem vanished, then my phone rebooted…

I have two SIM cards (from different countries), so I’m trying the workaround :slight_smile:
Also I have to say that sometimes the second SIM just didn’t connect to the network for a couple of days straight, let’s see if this fixes that as well!

I have an Opel Mokka X bought in 2017. As far as I know the user has no possibility to update the car infosystem.

However, everything worked well up to the August update and still works well with my son’s Samsung phone. Since last August update (8901.4.A.0016.6) I have to manually connect my phone to the car and the recent call list is no longer available.


@hirnsushi How would I get hold of the OTA update file for this update as you did for an earlier update? I am trying to use adb sideload to fix a corruption issue without doing a factory reset and losing user data and I can’t find the I need to do so. Fairphone only seem to provide the fastboot image, but that requires unlocking the bootloader and hence losing the user data I am trying to preserve.

You’ll need someone who hasn’t updated yet, who can run a logcat for you, basically:

  • Run adb logcat -c && adb logcat > logcat.txt
  • Start the OTA update and wait for it to begin downloading
  • Stop the logcat
  • Look for a URL containing googleapis in the log, that’s your update

Oh, and welcome to the community btw :wave:

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Thank you @hirnsushi. That is a good trick for getting it. I don’t think that will help me as I think that will provide an incremental OTA update rather than a full OTA update and unless I get lucky the corrupted bit is probably not in the update.
Looks like I will have to use the ~10 seconds between first unlock and reboot to great effect…

Yeah, the URLs sadly aren’t something obvious like${version}, you can’t just change the numbers and get to a different one, like in some other cases.
As far as I know, there aren’t any full OTAs, certainly haven’t seen one yet, at least not on the FP4.

I don’t own a FP3 and haven’t followed the OTA updates for that device, somebody else will have to answer that.

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