Fp4 Randomly reboots since last fairphone update

Hello, My Fp4 keeps rebooting at random times since the last update(2.1.10) was installed.

Anyone else got this problem from the update?

How old is your SIM card? Maybe check the APN and ensure those did not change for some reason?
Do you habe 5G and or VoLTE enabled? Is the SIM properly inserted? Do you use a SD card how is it formatted?

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Thank you for your suggestions. Simcard is 2 months old. Does 5g and VoLTE cause reboots on fp4?

How will i know if APN changed? I never checked the name of APN before.

I would not exclude anything at least and especially after updates strange things happen provider specific, especially with Vodafone Germany
FPs troubleshooter as well mentiones VoLTE and Wifi Calling

I would compare APN settings with the provider settings.
Probably it helps to reset to default using the 3 dots.

Overall just guesses.

Just happened on the FP3

Okay, thank you for the answer! Hopefully something will work.

I’m experiencing this every week or so since some update in Summer and currently using FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920. I didn’t change anything else. (I’m not using Vodafone but have 2 SIM cards.)

I experienced this even in safe mode. It happens while using different apps, but also while it is in the pocket. This is more than annoying as I rely on it for business purposes.

How often does it happen? Are you using 5G? Have you tried turning it off, to see if that changes things?

Go to Settings → Network and Internet → SIMs → [Name of your provider] → Preferred network type → select one without “NR”, e.g. GSM/WCDMA/LTE or just LTE.

I’m using 2 SIM cards as well and never had a single reboot in almost a year now, regardless of 5G setting, but my provider doesn’t offer 5G at all, so maybe that’s the difference :thinking:

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In my case roughly once every week. Yes, I’m using 5G … will try your suggestion.

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