Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)


Yes that’s what I was doing but then I was out in bright light and couldn’t see anything on the screen until I had removed the battery to force a reset, I couldn’t even turn the phone on and off by the buttons, though the later may be a separate issue unrelated to the update anomalies.

There is a separate topic about this issue.

Sounds to me as though the algorithm for adjusting according to ambient light was originally designed to take into account the fact that (at that time) the minimum brightness (lowest value of the scale) was still quite visible. Now that the lowest value has, it seems, been lowered to almost zero, the algorithm needs to be corrected to take that into account, by no longer bringing the brightness down quite so much.

I would class this as a regression bug, since the relationship between the algorithm and the brightness scale should have been checked, when changing the scale in this patch.


Maybe not. More detail on the specific topic at Update Aug 0129 Ambient light | Auto brightness

The issue I have discovered is that the Ambient light sensor does not respond to low light, so the algorithm thinks there is no light.

I.e it looks more like a sensor calibration issue that’s feeding poor data to the algorithm.

But please add to the specific topic on this as Fairphone are following that for this specific issue and this topic is more general notes of the update.

Since the last update, I can no longer use my Garmin GPS as an external storage linked to my FP3+…
I also tried with a simple USB key, and it does not work either.
Has anyone experienced the same ?

Same in my case since the last update (……805):
I have the same issue concerning the brightness, which goes to zero unexpectedly, especially during the evening. Now I have turned off the automatic brightness. My provider is O2.

Last week I had contacted the FP-Support, and they recommended sending my FP3 to the centre in France for analysis. For now, I have rejected this option as I need the FP3 for work.

I hope these problems with the new update will be solved soon.


Yes that’s a bit over the top, surely they have their own phones to test this, or does it really only effect some phones ?? Dedicated Topic

Since the last update, I can no longer use my Garmin GPS as an external storage linked to my FP3+…
I also tried with a simple USB key, and it does not work either.

I checked my USB sticks and the conection to the notebook but evrything works fine.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait a quarter of a year for the next update. :slightly_frowning_face:


@amoun: Its not a inconvenience, the phone is not working. Because I only can use 2G and only the network of my provider is used (no roaming) and I have to disable WiFi-Calling, nobody understands me and I understand like no one. I just can use the phone for making calls. This is not a phone with malfunctions, it simplys does no work as a phone.

Therefore and after waiting I contacted support to get a refund and send back the phone.

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Maybe it’s a good idea to create a beta tester community? If this isn’t in place already of course.


I think Fairphone really need to think about this, looking at this update.
There’s a really good chance beta testers would have caught the serious mishaps.
If Fairphone can’t do adequate testing together with their development partner, beta testers would be of help, at the cost of a certain delay of releases.


In general I very much appreciate a development team which listens to its users. We have seen some cosmetic fine tuning all around, and the targets (e.g. some space between provider label & clock) were either approached after user request or were on milestone lists or so… It is just super frustrating, that by these wishes of the few one repeatedly ends up with half-cooked solutions which don’t apply to all situations (Too much space on the left side of the clock in the status bar). Considering screen brightness, I didn’t care at all about Lowest brightness is too bright and feel ok that it was not priortised and tackled 2 years later. Hopefully, this one is reverted or finished properly sooner than next month.


Very strange, because most of the phones around the world work like that and can be used as a communication device. Not all of the providers support VoLTE at all, but fall back to 2G for phone calls.


Everything correct, but I think @til mainly refers to mobile data. Luckily, such a situation may not turn that bad in Austria, because there are still 3G network providers…

Well, in the Network-Setting you can either choose “Select Network automatically” or select it by yourself. If you deselect “automatically”, you get a list of providers. With my other phone and SIM-Card (o2) you can choose whatever network-provider you want. With the fairphone (vodafone) I only can select “vodafone” and all others are “(forbidden)”. That in my eyes shows that roaming (within the same country, I am not talking about EU-roaming) does not work. Therefore you only have a good call-quality, when you are at a place, where your original network-providers has a good network.

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Just to be clear: It depends on your contract with the provider which network(s) you are offered to use. Another point may be a SIM-locked phone, but that is not related to roaming…

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Okay, however: I have a shitty connection but only with the Fairphone. So I have to enable WiFi Calling often, if not, making calls is horrible, espacially in buildings. And this does not affect other people in the same place and also not with same provider.

It exists for the FP2, for some reason they don’t want for the FP3… :man_shrugging:
EDIT: to clarify, I don’t know if they want or not, just to say it doesn’t exist for the FP3.


Had the unknown caller problem since at least November 2020. Country: England. Network: Three.

Brightness problem is new with latest update.


i´ve the same problem since tthe latest Update: German Network!

Unknown Caller and Brightness!
i use it as a Business Phone !! urgent!!